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  • Amnesia || lashton
    538K 24.8K 28

    "Who are you?" All Rights Reserved.© WriteDrunk 2014. Completed.

  • Coming Up For Air
    1.8M 71.6K 85

    What happens when one boy shatters everything you thought you knew about yourself? "I don't like boys. But I like you. Does that make sense?" "No." "Good."

  • the boy with the white eyes [muke af]
    491K 31.1K 40

    daddy!michael has trouble keeping baby clifford quiet.

  • Stockings ✄ Muke
    99.8K 4.6K 34

    Luke always forgets to close the curtain and Michael always forgets that staring is bad {warning: I started writing this story a very long time ago so the beginning isn't very good and extremely cringe worthy. I promise it gets better}