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  • Till Death Do Us Part - Junjou Romantica (boyxboy)
    18K 474 18

    I don't own Junjou Romantica! • ♚Ƭιℓℓ Ɖɛαтн Ɖσ Ʋƨ Ƥαят ♚ ❦ ♟Ɯσʋℓ∂ ʏσʋ вɛ ωιℓℓιиɢ тσ ∂ιɛ ғσя тнɛ σиɛ ʏσʋ l o v e ?♟

  • Save me Usagi ( a junjou romantica love fiction)
    45K 1.3K 22

    Misaki ( who has fallen in love with Usagi, who he happen's to live with) is now starting to enjoy his life in collage. Then, out of the blue, kidnappings occur around the collage and then victim's turn up dead 3 day's later dead. The strange thing is that all the victim's are boy's.But, what will happen when the coll...

  • JunJou Romantica: University Life
    93.7K 3.2K 15

    This is a University AU, that has no connection to my previous highschool Stories. Misaki is starting his first year a M-University and moving into a dorm. His roommate just so happens to be the fourth year student Akihiko. Who is pissed, since he used to share a room with his unrequited love, Takahiro. For some reas...

  • Haunted Cabin(Junjou Mix)
    9.4K 316 11

    The Junjou Romantica/Egoist/Terroist all go to a cabin for vacation. Once they arrive at the cabin, they start experiencing paranormal activity. They soon realize it's haunted. They read about the history of the place, and know the truth on why it's haunted.

  • Junjou Romantica: High School
    412K 10.1K 25

    All of the Junjou Romantica couples are in high school. Akihiko, Takahiro, Miyagi, Hiroki, are fourth year students, while Nowaki is a third year. Misaki and Shinobu are second year. Hopefully this will be on the way the relationships grow.

  • A Game Called Love
    108 7 3

    "Oi Kenma! Remember when we first met?" The voice asked "of course i could i forget" I answered as i set my ds down to stare into the other males eyes.

  • the broken
    1.3M 63.1K 49

    the air smells like the promise of tomorrow and nothing has ever smelled more terrifying

  • Mine [KageHina]
    2.8M 121K 29

    The most annoying thing about Hinata is the fact he never shuts up. Most of the time, Kageyama can tune the other out but every now and then a certain phrase or conversation that loudmouth has come out with will just stick with Kageyama like glue. It's the dumb things Hinata blurts out that leads to Kageyama question...

  • The Right Hearts (Kagehina)
    278K 11.9K 26

    Ongoing A cute, dramatic ongoing story of Hinata and Kageyama as they deal with misfortunate ( and fortunate) events through the love of each other Disclaimer - None of the Contents in this story belongs to me, all characters are from the anime Haikyuu! And all rights reserved to Haruichi Furudate.

  • Stingue AU: Fiore High
    179K 9.4K 55

    High School. Never had either of them to find someone in this dump. Rogue Cheney, a nervous teen with social anxiety, and Sting Eucliffe, a bold and spunky guy who's the hit at every party, meet, and find something more in each other. Through Sting, and an assortment of new friends Sting introduces Rogue to, Rogue slo...

  • Gratsu: Timetables
    42.9K 2.1K 19

    What if the day you would meet your true love was destined? Natsu Dragneel, a twenty-two year old optimist visiting his family over the holidays, opens a mysterious present with no known sender. Inside it is an old pocketwatch with a note attached to it explaining that when the timer goes off, he will meet his true lo...

  • Ten Days Until Christmas [Gratsu]
    7.1K 585 12

    Gray has decided to speak up to Natsu about his feelings before Christmas comes around. The only problem is that the Fairy Tail Christmas party is in ten days, and Gray hasn't planned how he's gonna tell the flame brain yet. The goal is to go to the party with Natsu as his date.

  • Days And Nights (Gratsu Story)
    134K 4.8K 26

    This is basically a Gratsu fanfic. They like each other but they don't know what to do about it. There's also Lucy, who's getting in the way. And cheesy stuff. I warn you, there is a little smut. This was my first fanfiction. I'm currently working on fixing mistakes even though I finished it a while ago. It's not am...

  • As if It Wasn't Enough [GraTsu Fanfiction]
    416K 15.3K 44

    Natsu Dragneel is your average Sophomore that has never been to a party, has a cat as his BFFL, and is unexplainably in love with his best friend who he's pretty sure is as straight as they come. To top it off, his brother's are assholes, his friends are crazy, and his people skills suck. Follow Natsu's journey in the...