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  • All About Zodiacs
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    funny, cute and nice zodiac posts for you all ♡ Note - I don't make these, I get them off Tumblr, Instagram and Google Images. These may not be accurate, they're made for entertainment so don't get butthurt or take them too seriously.

  • Triggered
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    Things that trigger us

  • Creepy Facts and Scary Stories
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    Anything creepy or scary that I come across on the internet or can think of by myself

  • 100 facts I know about you
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    I know many things about you, care to find out about a few? I also know many facts about the world that you may not have known were true. You should look into those as well. Please don't forget to vote share and follow, it really helps!

  • 101 Book Of Illusions (NO MORE UPDATES ;( )
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    Yesterday, I asked yo-- oh wait, wrong thing. Here you can find amazing optical illusions yaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaæaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay