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  • TF2 x Reader Oneshots
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    Another collection of stories for all your mercenary needs. :D I will do fluff, smut, maybe an x child! Reader or whatever you can get your mind into. I can't do male x male cuz I find them hard to do. Sorry. Anyhow, hope you enjoy them. Requests can be made in the comments.

    Completed   Mature
  • *+=Tf2 X Reader 2!=+*
    121K 2.2K 16

    I will be making a series of one shots based on the mercenaries, and you! Request anything but smut, please. I write that on my own accord. ;) There will always be warnings about smut, but not swearing. If you don't like swearing and suggestiveness, I suggest you don't read. That fancy title tho I love the little sy...

  • Trying: Roles have Switched (Dad!ASL x Child!Reader)
    185K 8.8K 26

    (A One Piece story, the parallel version of Kirakux's story: Trying. Go check it out if you want to, it's a great story.) Luffy, Sabo, and Ace were all adopted from the same orphanage by the same person. As years passed by, the youngest of them thought it would be a great idea to adopt a kid of his own, so he adopted...

  • Fruits Basket Kyo x Reader 2
    53.8K 1.8K 18

    Note: This is a sequel. Find the first one on my profile. As soon as the credits roll and the happily ever after ends, disaster strikes. How will you ever handle what's being thrown your way? Serious business follows your high school romance, and you're left with perilous tasks that may even be at the cost of your lif...

  • Chains Eyelessjack X Reader
    142K 5.9K 55

    I didnt write this but i have been given permission to post this This is (c) Valentinesdaygreen and a link to where i found the story

  • Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story)
    2M 75.2K 77

    [SEQUEL to Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)] In the quaint town of Gracewood, Virginia, Ao Matsukochi lives comfortably with her adoptive parents and her loyal friends. For her, everyday is full of practice and optimism. Though, every person has their quirks. Sam is her best friend, who also happens to be in...

  • Wandering Girl (Edward Elric story. Fullmetal Alchemist)
    90.2K 3.3K 15

    Avril Flinn is a normal otaku who fangirls over everything related to anime, especially Fullmetal Alchemist. Suddenly she is sucked out of reality and brought into the world of FMA through a bizarre incident. When she realizes that she is in a different world she must either go back home or go with the flow. *Based of...