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  • Wattmag Issue #8
    5.5K 877 20

    As we prepare for Valentines Day, Wattmag's here to give you all the advice you'd ever need for writing a romance novel. From writing the best pairing, book boyfriend, or even advice on writing certain "scenes", we've got you covered! And for those not into the romance genre, we've also got articles that debate the us...

  • Wattmag Issue #5
    4.9K 804 19

    It's November time and this month we're tackling the wonderful world of fanfiction. With the highly anticipated release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we celebrate the wonderful world of Harry Potter as well as give out advice on how to finish writing a book! Check out our latest issue now.

  • Wattmag Issue #6
    5.2K 835 22

    This December, the Wattmag team is getting you in the spirit of Christmas with some awesome giveaways and great holiday-themed content! We're talking everything from the wattpad community to the 2016 presidential election. Don't miss out on another great issue packed with advice, stories, and cool prizes to be won.

  • Wattmag Issue #4
    6K 959 22

    Wattmag is back in our fourth issue! This October, we tackle Fantasy and Halloween with everything from the truth behind some of our favorite Halloween myths, awesome book reviews, and advice on how to kill off book characters! We've got you covered with our monthly advice column, informative articles plus, the chance...

  • WATTMAG Issue #3
    7.8K 1.1K 22

    This September, it's all about the women who are #killingit in literature. We talk about our favorite female characters, why fanfictions are real books too, writing characters with disabilities, and discuss self-publishing. This issue is jam-packed with advice, positivity, inspiration, and creativity. Check it out now...

  • WATTMAG Issue #2
    10.4K 1.5K 27

    August is here and with it comes a lot of exciting things! Suicide Squad is hitting theaters and The Wattpad Block Party is finally here! This month, we explore all those things plus more including Sherlock, Dealing with story hate (whether it comes from yourself or others), why villains are vital to your stories and...

  • WATTMAG Issue #1
    16.7K 1.6K 16

    Welcome to the first issue of WATTMAG! The magazine for writers and readers all around the globe! In July's issue, we talk Camp NaNoWriMo, the dark side of publishing, how to write a quality article and much more!