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  • Taylor Caniff's Little Sister
    532K 8.7K 33

    Paige Caniff is joining magcon with her big brother Taylor. Paige is constantly bullied for being Taylors sister and apparently is only famous because of him. Paige had never had a boyfriend or even more than 3 friends, what happens when she is surrounded by the boys and new friends and feelings start to form?

  • CLATO (now and forever)
    2K 72 12

    Cato and Clove had always had feelings for eachother, but will it show when they get put into the arena?????

  • Long Gone
    272 8 8

    What happens when crazy girls kidnap Niall Horan and Harry Styles and take them to Madagascar ?? Will they fall in love with their kidnappers, or will they be creeped out?

  • Clato (short story)
    99 5 1

    short story about my fav hunger games couple. enjoy