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  • Captured By The Mafia
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    She was stolen from the club her friend had took her to. Just the driver, because she knew how her friend could drink. She just wanted a night to herself because exams where over. All she had to do was enjoy her summer before she went beck to college. But no. She was at the wrong club at the wrong time. Now she's stu...

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    Harmoni has everything a woman can ask for except a faithful husband. Soon something comes along that makes her life do a total 360 turn. Can she fix everything to make it right? Will she consider her happiness before anybody else?

  • Worth Fighting For
    291K 16.5K 60

    The miseducation of love has always been California's down fall. Abuse is acceptable as long as you hit back is what's she's been taught, and abides by in her relationship with her college sweet heart James. But, she meets Jai Taylor who also battles with his many demons, she's swept off her feet by his charisma, mann...