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  • Drops of Red
    14 1 1

    Horror/romance mash-up flash fic. A woman comes home to find something terrifying and unexpected...

  • The Adventure of the Silicon Beeches (A Chevonne & Sherlock Tale)
    31 3 3

    A year ago, teen engineering prodigy Chevonne Watson rescued Sherlock, a brilliant humanoid A.I. discarded for her destructive tendencies, from a scrap pile. Now, Sherlock spends her days solving mysteries, like the mythological detective after whom she was named. When Chevonne gets an urgent call from Sherlock about...

  • Inevitable Flight - Daughter4254 Book 3
    2.9K 183 5

    Imani and Thomas continue to struggle through political unrest and family difficulties. This is the final segment of their story. Chapters will be posted weekly starting 3/27/16.

  • Algorithm - Book 1 - The Medallion
    448K 13.5K 23

    A young boy, Adam, discovers a gold medallion in a lump of coal. He keeps it as a curious good luck piece for the next twenty years, until as a scientist, he discovers it contains a message and is clearly alien. Join Adam and his colleague, Linda, as they embark upon an adventure of revelation, ultimately giving up al...

  • Heir of Iron
    346 32 32

    Family secrets. Forbidden loves. An empire collapsing. Heir of Iron is an epic fantasy in a setting inspired by the history of ancient India. Visit my mailing list to get a FREE novella set in the same world: After two years of looking, Mandhi has found her long-lost...

  • The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home
    1.3M 17.1K 15

    Okie's fifteen. She lives in New York. She's got a few problems: she's failing geography, her dad's a wimp, and her mother, Sumatra, is a stone cold bitch. But things get a lot worse when Sumatra turns into a zombie and eats Okie's dad. Clio, Okie's grandmother, lives in Toronto; but since the zombie apocalypse, Toron...