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  • The Serpent and the Widow
    2.7K 123 20

    Ileana Vashchenko is one of the twenty eight female spies of the Red Room. She has been trained and molded into a deadly assassin since the age of four. Her first and only friend, the bold Natalia Romanova, also trained with her in the academy. For twelve years, the she had only known the Red Room and its inhabitants...

  • Marvel Imagines
    107K 2.9K 69

    I present another Marvel Imagines book filled with imagines and one-shots for you to read and enjoy! *Request status: Closed*

  • Marvel One-Shots
    436 12 5

    A collection of reader inserts featuring your Marvel favorites and you as the star. REQUEST ARE OPEN. Any and all Marvel (even their actors) are welcome. Per usual I own none of the characters that honor goes to Marvel.

  • Avenger Imagines
    569 8 5

    Characters- -Steve Rogers (Captain America) -James Barnes (Winter Soldier) -T'Challa (Black Panther) -Tony Stark (Iron Man) -Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) -Bruce Banner (Hulk) -Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) -Vision -Thor Odinson -Loki Laufeyson -Sam Wilson (Falcon) -Peter Parker (Spider-Man) -Scott Lang (Ant-Man) -J...

  • Captain! {Steve Rogers × Reader}
    865 60 6

    (Y/N) Barnes was just a regular girl from brooklyn until the day her brother, James Buchanan [Bucky] Barnes, and best friend, Steven [Steve] Rogers where shipped off to war; and decided to take you along with them. Whatever Steve went through you where beside him, Even when he became Captain America. When Captain Ame...

  • When the past comes back (2)
    438 30 12

    This is the sequel to the book known as "1942 all over again." Regina Martin and her split personality Zver goddess of Justice and War are left in emotionally traumatising situation after Isaac said he heard another two heartbeats coming from her. After Stiles and Regina lost the loves of their lives Bucky ( Angel ey...

    1.7K 285 31

    a young woman got married to her fiance only to find out something unusual. Who conspired in the accident after her wedding?. Was her Fiance still alive?. Who is stalking her?. Who would she fall in love with next?. UNEDITED May contain mature content. This is my first book...and it's a rough draft with some mistakes...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fanfiction Awards 2018
    77.5K 2.7K 6

    The Fanfiction Awards 2018. All genres of fanfiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin. - Cover by @TinHoverCarInIce

  • Somewhere In My Memory
    1K 123 14

    Everyone thinks they know me, but they really don't. They know the part of me that I let them see. Too much has happened to me, and if anyone knows who I really am, they'd be terrified of me. If they knew who my father is, and if they knew the stories, I probably wouldn't survive. I used to think that I was Joelle Lei...

  • Imagine Avengers Fanclub
    176 14 1

    The Official Imagine-Avengers Fanclub!

  • The Fanfiction Awards 2017
    157K 5.4K 8

    The Fanfiction Awards 2017. All genres of fanfiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin. - Cover by @onederstruck-

  • I Thought You Loved Me
    1.9K 61 27

    A SHIELD agent assigned to a mission ... A girl with special powers ... What happens when fate decides to join them? A story CLINT BARTON / AVENGERS. Sorry for my english, but I confess I had help from google, since only speak Portuguese. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO MARVEL! To read the private chap...

  • Complicated Compliance ✔️
    40K 1K 28

    Book One - [Y/N] was born and breed to be one of Hydra's top assailants. Being the child of one of the heads in the organization puts high expectations on you. But all of that falls apart when [Y/P] meet James Buchanan Barnes, better known as in Hydra, The Winter Solider. - {Title by: imagine-avengers Cover by: undead...

  • Fanfic Contests
    883K 20.8K 47

    Fanfiction knows no bounds, and to help spark your creativity, we will be posting the details of all our Fanfiction contests: oneshots, drabbles, prompts, challenges, and much more! Contests will typically occur every 2 weeks. Prizes may include shoutouts on our social channels, Wattpad swag, or even a week on the Fea...

  • The Fanfiction Awards 2016
    212K 6.8K 8

    The Fanfiction Awards 2016. All genres of fanfiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin. - Cover by @onederstruck-

  • Marvel Imagines
    8.5M 305K 200

    Completed. Second book is Marvel Imagines 2. Made: 11 May 2015 Completely: 6 November 2015