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  • Firebird
    99 2 5

    When Thane is revived in a similar fashion to the way Cerberus had revived Shepard, he learns that the galaxy is not as he left it. The Reapers are gone, Cerberus is gone, and Shepard has moved on. Having no purpose for his skills now, he follows the orders of the woman who brought him back, in a quest to eliminate an...

  • Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 (Shenko)
    4.2K 225 33

    ~MASS EFFECT: BOOK 2 of 3~ *Book 1 is English Bay Blues *Continues in: Lazarus Project Ranked #5 in Mass Effect Promoted to Staff Lieutenant and reassigned to the prototype ship, the SSV Normandy, Kaidan can't wait for the next chapter in his career to unfold. But when the mission on Eden Prime goes horribly wrong, a...

  • Transformers Prime: Where do I Find Love?
    33.5K 929 20

    Silverjack is a wrecker and she has been missing for eons. When she stumbles apon an Autobot signal, little does she know that she has found her long lost friend. And she will now be able to tell the one true mech she has always loved the way she feels for him.

  • Finding your destiny
    1.2K 41 1

    When Elizabeth Rose finds out that she is a techno-organic, things start to get complicated. Her friends Miko, Jack and Raf take her to see the autobots so she could get some answers, but then she falls in love with Optimus, how will she manage? She can't say because she doesn't know how he'll feel. She then uses her...

  • Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted. (Transformers) HIATUS
    4K 130 5

    We knew about them, hell we worked beside them, but did we ever think of being one of them? No. We were just like any plain old soldiers in the N.E.S.T ranks. Replaceable. Except apparently we weren't. [Sunstreaker/OC/Sideswipe]

  • Cry's Song
    1.5K 34 1

    Enjoy :3

  • TFP: Turning Tides (BACK IN BUSINESS)
    7.6K 425 19

    Kitten Macanera has just moved to quaint little Jasper. When she's in the wrong place at the wrong time, she's put in serious danger. Who's going to save her?

  • Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Give Me A Reason
    74.9K 3.1K 64

    Stay: Book Two (Currently Being Replaced by Book in Progress: Ignition) The base has been destroyed, the Autobots have been scattered . . . I've lost the mech I didn't even realize I loved until it all went down in flames . . . is there any hope left? Will I be left alone as I have been for much of my life or will I h...

  • The Bonds of Revenge (Iron-Man FF)
    2.7K 67 8

    Skylar gets kidnapped to get revenge on Tony. The Decepticons have kidnapped her. Will Skylar be saved by Tony? Or will she be held hostage for the rest of her life? One may have to sacrifice a life. Or will they? READ TO FIND OUT! <3 ~Jasmine

  • Unchallenged
    35 2 3

    Hazerick is a king of the land, but this is the tale of his first step into power. There will be more books about Hazerick, but they will be stories before he rules the land. He will tell you more and more about his adventure to the top of the kingdoms.

  • Magical
    73.2K 2K 19

    Carina was just an ordinary girl heading home from a stressful semester at college. However, she doesn't realize that in the woods behind her house, lies a portal to a world she was destined to save, and she is in for the biggest adventure of her life. With the help of her animal familiar, a handsome king, some mischi...

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    3.4M 207K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • Silence is the worst medicine.... *Transformers Prime KnockOut X OC*
    7.6K 129 2

    Can Knockout get this girl, who was abused all her life by her parents, to talk? Or will he fail just like the rest….

  • Evil is Hot
    9.2K 421 5

    Megatron while scouting to destroy Autobots comes across a human female who is being beaten by 2 men. Shockingly he comes to her aid to only use her for his advantage and something else happens. He grows feelings for one small fleshling female.

  • Cyberbots- Transformers Prime Fan-Fiction
    2K 61 3

    [Story in progress] Two Autobots crash-land on Earth, needing the rescue of the Autobots there. At the crash-site, they immediately can tell that they were strange robots... especially a particular, green-cladded girl-bot. Electride is as annoying as anyone can get. She follows her partner Steamblade like a puppy, and...

  • What Fate Has Brought Upon Us
    1.1K 34 1

    Transformers Prime Universe. AU. Something happens to the Autobots and Decepticons during a battle. They have somehow turned into sparklings. It's up to Deathrose, Ratchet, and Wildstar to take care of them and keep them out of MECH's grasp.

  • Rewrite of Transformers: Shadows
    125 2 1

    Rewrite of my story Transformers: Shadows. Shadow is an abused and injured youngling. With the help of Ratchet, Ironhide and Chromia, can he ever heal? And will he ever be able to find love in amongst his turbulent and damaged body and mind?

  • The Snake Queen
    59.3K 2.2K 28

    Everybody knows King Cobras are the most dangerous species of snakes. But it's a little interesting when their venom can give you magical powers. Sixteen-year-old Mag Packard was bitten by a special kind of King Cobra when she was seven. For nine years, she had a very interesting pain in her right arm where she was bi...