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  • Wattpad Interviews
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    Just interviews, so far with Emmafroggielover, xLissaIsT3rrorx, jordynbarr, ilybabelol, x_Unbroken_x, peaceforeber and XxEliteFishxX. Contact me if you would like to be interviewed! Sorry for the wait, having some technical difficulties!

  • Taylor
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    my name is Taylor May Jonhson, and that say alot.

  • Little miss popular
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    Cherry was the most popular girl in year eight at Littlewood primary, with the whole school crowding up to be her friend, until her identical twin sister Kerry comes back from boarding school. All her friends turn against her for lying to them. Cherry must choose if she wants to be loyal to Kerry or her rapidly fallin...

  • Just us girls (On hold)
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    "I'm sorry, but you're mother's in a coma" Adriana had a great life, until her mum has an accident and ends up in a coma and her and her siblings are sent to live with their aunt Katherine and her kids, who they haven't seen in two years. Will Adriana be able to cope witha new life? And even if she can, theres always...

  • After the war (on hold)
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    Debbie and her mother are survivors after a huge war that has ripped the world apart. they live alone in a small house, getting food from a local trading shop. they are happy until, one night, debbie's mother is kidnapped by the secret police. now debbie faces the hardest task of all, finding the bravery to run away a...