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  • The Hero, Depressed?
    42.9K 1.7K 8

    Why was everyone avoiding America, or what it seems like anyway, and what will happen when you ignore 'the center of attention' for too long? Of course something very bad. ***If you are triggered easily, I highly suggest not reading this fanfic for there are some very sensitive moments and extreme self-doubt and stuff...

    Completed   Mature
  • Photographs
    130 10 1

    Roy visits a friend for the first time in a long time and shares his life through multiple photographs

  • Written Through Time
    3.8K 203 8

    What happens when you love someone all your life but they might not love you back.

  • Depressed Suicidal America X Reader
    8.9K 248 8

    Alfred Is Depressed But You Don't Seem To Know This.Finally One Night He Decides To End It All Will You Get There In Time Or Will He Succeed? Songs:Steven By Jake Miller Failure By Breaking Benjamin The Only Ones By Kisses For Kings Ft Johnny 3 Tears

  • falling star
    138 8 1

    alfred x ivan sad story hetalia is not mine

  • Why Did you leave?
    25K 537 9

    What happens When America Is Pushed Beyond Recovery.

  • Love's Tragedy
    1.4K 58 1

    ...I lost a bet. Ok so if I lost i had to write a RusAme paring. And...I lost; ; Russia has loved America for a long time, but does America love him. When he finally confronts America what will happen. And what happens to Russia after America gets in a tragic accident?

  • Am I a Hero? [A USUK Fanfic]
    9.6K 424 10

    America always thought he was the hero. That is, until he finally realized he was a nuisance. Now going through depression he just wants to be alone and suffer. He could never be a hero for anyone. How can England help his friend realize how much he means to everyone?

    Completed   Mature
  • I'M THE HERO! right? (MOVED TO AeliCub)
    5.4K 15 2

    America is always cheerful, loud, and loves to eat. But not everything can be seen on the surface. What would happen if we were to dive deeper? TRIGGER WARNINGS: MAY INCLUDES SELF HARM, SUICIDE AND ANOREXIA

  • Should I....?
    527 14 1

    Should I.... do it.....?

  • Beautiful Me
    18.5K 767 2

    Alfred F. Jones, also known as the United States of America. The lovable idiot who could be seen with a smile constantly on his face, while laughing and eating a hamburger. or is he? Anorexic!Selfharm!America May or may not have a ship!

  • I'm The Hero...Right?
    92.1K 3.2K 7

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" . This isn't true to America, after all a person can only take so much until they break. Contains depressed! America.

  • The Breaking Point
    4.4K 167 2

    Everyone has a breaking point. And Alfred Jones, the personification of America, never thought he would have reached his. Maybe it was the of the insults that he used to brush off as a joke. Maybe it was his poor economy and how the people of his country thought. Maybe it was because of his human-like emotions and tha...

  • Hetalia Sad One-shots! [Requests Open!]
    3.8K 150 6

    Just a collection of one-shots that are going to sad and stuff. Don't worry though, they'll have happy endings. THERE WILL BE TRIGGERS!!! There's your warning. And requests are open~

  • Broken Eagle (ON HOLD)
    5.6K 206 6

    Hahaha!!! Rewrite! Okay!!!!! Our lovable Alfie has been keeping secrets from us~ with a weak and fragile mental state America has been pushed off beyond his limit by England. England didn't know about hoe mental instability, and now that he does and he is at fault, he wants to help. Can he help pull America out off th...

  • Don't Leave Me
    11.1K 417 11

    America is always smiling and goofy. Every nation knows him as the cocky, hero-wannabe, who contributes very little, and causes many problems. America works hard to put this image out there. It's both his shield against the world and the weight dragging him down. Everyday gets harder to deal with and the mask is falli...

    Completed   Mature