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  • I Am
    34.4K 5K 25

    In which the conditions themselves decide to speak. And those they inflict attempt a response. #freeyourbody #ThePeopleOfSociety A featured story for @themaddieproject #58 in short story (amazing cover by @soundthealarm)

  • Beneath The Mask [#Shines2017]
    44.7K 3.4K 96

    #2 in Mystery/Thriller [20/04/17] The Romance Awards 2017: *Heartbreaking - Honourable Mentions Shine Awards 2017: *Genre Winner : Mystery/Thriller The Bibliophile Awards 2017 *Best Cover (Chicklit) *Best Cover (Mystery/Thriller) *Best Blurb (General Fiction) *First Place Winner (Chicklit) The Rarity Awards 2017 *M...

  • Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
    48 8 5

    Christmas is meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for Naomi Winters, it's bittersweet. After that fateful Christmas Eve, she sank lower and lower, pushed down by Death and her mother's drinking habit. Friends are supposed to stick by you, but they left her when she needed them the most. At least, all e...

  • Where They Will Be [PUBLISHED]
    782 84 3

    iBooks: Smashwords: [Published Under the Title 'Emily Was'] ~*~ a daughter who dived off a building and a mother trying to piece together why. Wattpad Version [V1] #ChemNotCharacter #EveryVoiceMatters #GiveRealAdvice #DepressionIsNotSadness

  • An Odd Kind Of Wonderful
    11.3K 533 27

    12:00AM, 31 December, 1999. This is the night that everything changes.

  • serotonin
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    They said it was because of a lack of serotonin. (lower-case intentional)

  • Going On
    352K 21.4K 27

    The story of two teens in a suicide recovery club. By @woowoowriting (who writes for Theo) and @_animus (who writes for Noelle).