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  • Family Dinner
    72 22 10

    Every family has their quirks. Every family has their secrets. Unfortunately for Dagny, the secrets Mama and Pa are keeping out the back are the stuff of nightmares. And soon she's going to find herself faced with a choice: how far is she willing to go for family? (Winner of the Iwaku MISC Writing Contest Manager's Pi...

  • Cries | ✔
    990 181 6

    /*Featured in Wattpad Fright Reading List 'Scary Shorts'*/ Destiny, karma and fate can be a *abusive word that originally means a female dog*. But they are the only ones who can drastically change the dynamo of your life. Except, of course, your own actions. When Mia and Thomas Thurman find a sweet little infa...

  • Last Call
    132 17 1

    Teagan, a foul-mouthed, rock enthusiast, and her boyfriend find themselves hungover, struggling to remember the night before, and unable to reach their friends. But as flashes of the previous evening bubble to the surface, Teagan begins to suspect that something may be very, very wrong.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fantastical Horrors
    961 118 16

    These are fantasy tales of death and despair. These are fantastical horrors. When a masquerade goes wrong, people present unnatural powers, Angels fall from the heavens, and princesses tire of war, you'll see that killing dragons is only the tip of the fantasy iceberg. Chilling, gory, and often disturbing stories di...

  • Cordon Bleu | COMPLETED
    314 111 6

    ► how do you define love? is it something you desire? is it something you despise? does love fuel that fire? does love make you wild? love demands sacrifice, love demands pain, you think you know love? well, think again! ◄ ♠an anthology♠ ♠ FEATURED IN THE SCARY SHORTS CATEGORY OF @fright ♠ Take A Step Into The...

  • My Shadow
    1.4K 411 4

    "Sleep paralysis is the terrifying feeling of being held down after just waking up or going to sleep. You can't move or scream, and sometimes this paralysis is accompanied with the fact that someone -or something - is in the room." ------------------------------------------------------ Cover credits to: @-averagesky ...

  • Time Loop
    2.3K 99 5

    [Original] [You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…] I held my breath. It was time. I saw the trust in your eyes when I found the way inside. All of you were ready for this ride. You followed me, like you always do. The sun beat down on us as we dove in, ready to explore the cave within. Like dolphins to water, withou...

  • Hope
    259 38 4

    After suffering a devastating loss, a struggling young couple realizes something is terribly wrong with their daughter, leaving them terrified their greatest joy may not be human.

  • Terrifying Tales
    26 3 3

    This collection will be a place for me to put any short horror stories that I may write.

  • Alone
    81 14 4

    No one wants to be alone. It is human nature to desire the company of others. We need to know that we are not by ourselves in this world, that we can trust those around us to help us through the nightmare called life. Still, we often find ourselves isolated. These stories are about what happens when we're alone, and w...

  • Nightmares
    102 16 5

    When you're asleep other people die and suffer from the evil beings in this world. You can't hear their screams neither their last breath. In your house, you're safe. But these were their last nightmares. #893 in Horror | 26/12/2016 #912 in Horror | 27/12/2016 #757 in Horror | 28/12/2016 #843 in Horror | 31/12/2016 #7...

  • The Widjigo
    29 3 1

    You've probably heard of the Wendigo, a monster doomed to roam the wilds, constantly craving human flesh as a penalty for cannibalism. Here's a little spinoff based on the Algonquin variation.

  • Invaders
    301 31 5

    Older cover by @Irenejames Newer cover by @chainxmoker They disguised themselves as one of us. Studied us for centuries. Some believed in them whilst others became skeptical. It was said that aliens never existed on earth, that it was an impossible thing to happen. But what if they've been here since the very beginnin...

  • The World As We Knew It
    728 69 3

    Nothing was ever normal in 17-year-old Rose's life. She swore things would be different this year, her senior year. No more alienation. No more bullying. No more living a life of a teenage outcast. Her hopes are soon dashed when things take a turn for the worse. What was supposed to be a normal day in math class be...

  • Dreams[YWC Day 2016]
    129 23 2

    Everybody has those gut wrenching terrifying dreams. Now imagine what if they weren't just dreams. What if your worst nightmare came true. Cover by @TheKpopLibraries

  • Cabin in the middle of Woods
    64.8K 3.6K 91

    Highest Ranking:- #3 in horror on 02.09.2016 A horror story starts in a dark night in the middle of mysterious woods, where a small cabin, with only one light flickering stands alone, trying to defy the spirits which are supposed to haunt the woods. Welcome to this Cabin where you'll be listening about spine-chilling...

  • Run
    127 8 1

    The sky was pitch black that night. No moon, no stars, just a thick fog covering any source of light. The thin, leafless trees were covered in branches that snapped everywhere thanks to the wind. The ground was covered in twigs and rocks, which made the already uneven ground even worse. It wasn't exactly the best pla...

  • Mind Games
    292 49 3

    *Featured on the @fright profile's reading list and is a part of their book 'Fright Bites'* Amy, a single mother of two daughters, enjoys the peace and quiet of her country life. Will a piece of her past come back to haunt her? Or are the doors of a new, horrific chapter about to be blown wide open... *Amazing cover m...

  • Song of Humanity
    293 30 2

    SHORT/PSYCHOLOGICAL: A dark glimpse at a dystopian future that introduces a talented musical composer who's in search of the perfect note from the perfect vocalist in an attempt to arrange a song that will fully restore all human emotion. ------ Singers are taught to convey emotion in their songs, but this composer wa...

  • Sharing Nightmares
    21.2K 1.6K 28

    The Sharing Nightmares Anthology is an Halloween themed anthology with stories from some of Wattpad's finest 'thrill weavers' Here, you'd find stories from 20 prolific authors with enough chills and spooky to keep you on edge all Hallo-month long. Not the brightness of your phone, or the light from your lamp is enough...

  • Short Stories
    167 24 1

    This book is filled with short stories, which are labelled by genre, so you can easily flick through and find something to read. The beauty of a short story is that it is read, more than often, without any breaks or intervals so you live in that world throughout and it is said to heighten the reading experience. ...

  • WAKE UP: a horror short
    103 13 1

    The time has arrived and now she needs to wake up.

  • The Dollhouse: A Short Story
    121 7 2

    Marlena is elated when she wins an auctioned storage unit for the first time. But when she opens up her newly won container, she is surprised, and somewhat confused, to find nothing but an old dollhouse sitting inside. She decides she likes it and takes it home, thinking that while she didn't make any money at the auc...

  • Witch
    380 32 1

    SHORT STORY/ HORROR: "Curses always come back to you, don't you know that?" Mary didn't, but she would.

  • 4 John Does
    995 135 8

    Four John Does are found in an alleyway, holding a host of artifacts. Taken to Pinemont Psychiatric Facility for treatment, they cannot recall anything about their pasts. Between them runs a strong feeling that they are "misplaced" in time. As the medications are reduced, the patients begin to remember their...

  • In the Land of Hershel
    14.1K 475 2

    Five knights tell stories of ancient lands, madness, and terrifying monsters-but no one can top Knight Elric's tale of the Land of Hershel, a monstrous swamp filled with horrifying creatures and an ever-present threat: stop moving and you drown. *Contains some swearing.*

  • Groom's Day
    436 25 1

    Clyde has been patient. And he hasn't been feeling like himself lately. But what can a dead man do, except wait? This short story was an entry in the Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood.

  • Among The Roots #OnceUponNow
    1.1K 153 8

    #OnceUponNow Submission: Beneath the misty fog of lost memories, something is hidden deep down. And it is there that the truth breaths. This is a tale of girls who have gone missing in the night, a boy who lurks about in the woods, a forgotten old woman who sits by her window, a worrisome single mother and the curious...

  • Beastly
    286 46 3

    FRIGHT FEST 2016 GOLD WINNER Kara Saunders is a budding photographer with a taste for architecture. When she runs into Lysander Blackwood, a wealthy aristocrat with an air of mystery about him, she jumps on a once in a lifetime opportunity: the famous Blackwood Manor as a muse, and a week to explore and photograph. Ly...