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  • If I made you a cover...
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    Hey guys! Either I scouted you out or you requested a cover! Here they are! Look for the chapter that is titled your username, and your cover will be the media, if you want me to make any mentions of stories you have written, just PM me!

  • Beasthood
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    (BOOK ONE of The Hidden Blood Series) “The bloody, raw meat was tantalizing her; calling to her. She hated it and yearned for it all at once. 'Stop.' She ordered. 'What are you doing?!' 'So hungryyyyy,' snarled a primal voice deep within her. 'Don’t you dare!' She screamed back. But it did dare.” What would you do...

  • I am Rogue [Book 1]
    2.6K 138 24

    Aim, a twenty-four year old werewolf, is determined to be part of the revolution that will shake her species to the very foundation. A dark past haunts her in her dreams and drives her onward in her mission to change the way her "secret" society upholds its corrupt laws. Yet along her path, she will find herself throw...

    Completed   Mature
  • Some of The Best Stories On Wattpad! (My favorites!)
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    These are the stories that I believe are the best among Wattpad. They are my favorites and I honestly loved them all so much! All authors are given credit and dedication. Also there is a description for each one! Hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I did!

  • Wattpad Books Reviews
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    Looking for a good book that is worth reading? Can't find a book that is attention grabbing? This is the right place for you to decide. Here are my reviews for few books that I've read and liked on wattpad. (I don't do reviews anymore, sorry!)

  • THOUGHTS OF broken girl... #wattys2015
    3.1K 240 30

    Well lets say these are the feeling of a girl who is destroyed, empty and left alone ... These feeling can be yours... Feel the pain ... the fear .. Let these thought take you to her life ... THESE FEELINGS ARE MINE... (book cover-@ olaywahle)

  • It Will Be Our Little Secret
    249K 8.1K 44

    "One glance and it makes my stomach tickle and a warm feeling comes rushing up. One touch and it makes my breath unstable. One kiss and I was his." Meet Auburn Watson. A girl who moved to a new town, determined to just fit in and be a normal student. Get good grades, and ruin her mom's relationship. Pr...

  • [COMPLETED] Must Read Wattpad Stories
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    This book will basically be books that I enjoy, from every genre on Wattpad! I will dedicate the chapter to the author whom the story was made by, I will tell the genre(s) of the story, and I will also rate it on my opinion out of five. I also post the summaries of the story. Lastly, tell me what type of genres of sto...

  • I hate you, but you love me
    12.6K 343 54

    CURRENTLY BEING EDITED AND UPDATED What would happen if you were kidnapped by a vampire and was forced to marry him? What happens if you convince him not to marry you but then you developed feelings for him? When a maid gets murdered and a creature called the 'dark one' is on his way can Crystal help fight off this...

  • The Vault of Terror (Haunted)
    2.8K 108 10

    Nobody is truly afraid of the dark...only what it conceals. The Vault contains excerpts of the lives of those touched by the psychotic and the paranormal. With originals as well as stories popular on the Internet, it is not recommended you read at night. User Comments... "...I'm glad I'm not reading this at nighttime...

  • Just Alec. (vampire novel)
    4.7K 95 13

    "I know everything about you...about what you are" she leaned in, sending kisses of a warm whisper into my ear. Hi. My name is Alec. I'm sixty-seven years old and I'm a vampire. Yes, a vampire. But not the kind you'd expect, or want for that matter. I'm not the guy who at eighteen was turned into a vampire, had...

  • Her Discovery
    6K 102 27

    What would you do if you were sucked into a mysterious world you never thought would have existed? That’s exactly what happened to a teenage girl named Lexi Matthias. One upon a time, she thought she was a normal person like everyone else. That is, until she finds out that her mother has been murdered and she’s kidnap...

  • Destruction
    37.1K 1.4K 26

    Do not go out after sunset. Do not leave any doors or windows open after sunset. Do not leave any animal out after sunset. Do not leave any weapon (or possible weapon) out after sunset. Do not let any strangers into your house after sunset. What would happen if your whole world changed over night? Would you stand up a...

  • Jinn & Curses
    8.4K 455 22

    Cora Drake can see the other world. A world that is supposed to be hidden from the eyes of all mankind, but for her, the veil has been lifted. After a near death experience when she was fourteen, Cora Drake blocked the memories out, never wanting to re-live them again. The scars on her body being her only reminder. ...

  • Evoke
    10.2K 378 22

    Mackenzie Lyon, loving daughter, helpful sister, open-minded, not exactly human. When Mackenzie's parents and siblings are killed by three men with red eyes she runs away to escape from being next. She soon finds herself being escorted to a meadow by four strange people hanging around in the woods--Shane, Olivia, Eddi...

  • The New Boy in Town
    3.4K 96 12

    Normal. Well as normal as you can get with a crazy dog and a cat with attitude. Personally I thought my life was going along perfect, a loving Mom, a weird brother in college and of course the dog and cat. My life was pretty normal that is until fate decided to throw a curve ball in my direction. Now my life is crazie...

  • He Took Me
    2.8K 77 8

    Maybe I wouldnt be where I am right now. If only I had listened to that voice in my head that said "Don't do it!". Emily is your normal 15 year old girl. Light brown hair and hazel eyes.Will one man, or so she thinks he is, take liking her to far? ( This book is by me and no one else. These are not anothers thoughts s...

  • The Impossibles and the Misty Bay (Book One of the Impossibles Trilogy)
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    Fourteen year old Jacob Prod is special. He was born with super-human powers that allow him to dream the future. When he dreams of a camp in trouble, it's up to him and two other "Impossibles" to save the world they've come to know.