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  • Angry Black Girl
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  • Woke Black Girl Rants
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    in which I zayn alot

  • angry & misunderstood; rants
    41.3K 4.5K 94

    ࿊ a collection rants of a very angry mixed girl ࿊ [ previously named: woke; rants ]

  • confessions of an angry black teenage drama queen
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    i breathe teen angst !! and social justice!!!

  • !!!! poc speak !!!!
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    when the going gets hard, remember ur melanin is beautiful and ur culture is rich

  • Curly/Natural Hair Problems
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    Natural /Curly Hair Problems

  • #rantable2.0
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    i get pretty ranty

  • Tyler Talks Too [Complete]
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    This is a continuation of my nonsense shenanigans, updates about other updates, random funny shiz, and stupidity. I like to say sht and fck so Yea. I'm cray cray. I make friends this way

  • #Black Girl Problems
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    I know living as a black girl has its problems, and ups and down. Some of us can relate. Living day to day we face many challenges that other races may not understand. Some may never understand. We can come together and share our experiences and try to over come them though. But some are permanent.

  • Black Girl Problems
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    Problems that a black girl faces everyday...

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    This isn't really a story i'm just stating facts about black girls im just saying the problems we have to go through as an upcoming black women in society or the problems we have like hair for example

  • Rants From A Black Girl
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    So I'mma tell y'all what gets on my nerves and hopefully you understand. Oh and just because it's called "Rants From A Black Girl" don't mean it's only for black people. Hopefully someone gets some humor from it.

  • black girl rants; under construction
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    in which you will be awaken

  • Sorry, not Sorry
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    I speak up on what I think is right. Apparently these days being a better person is to be "triggered" or an "sjw" if you don't like that people are changing for the better and don't have time for bull-- don't read, don't actively seek out things you don't like. Simple edit 2020 / a collection of random rants from a te...

  • Problems only Muslimahs understand
    26.5K 4K 64

    You know that time when your hijab just doesn't agree with you? or when someone asks you the stupidest questions? Or that moment when your its Ramadan but your on your period and your dad clocks on the reason why your stuffing your face? This book has all the akward situations and problems we muslimahs have to go thro...

  • rants from a woc
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    *sprinkles glitter all over you* well, that there is some guaranteed black girl magic

  • !!!
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    the world really sucks

  • Black Girl Bible
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    We refuse to be muted! For all my beautiful brown sistas who need some uplifting or encouragement. We all need love. ♡ And we shall not be judged by the color of our skin or the gender we are. Black women are beautiful and strong!!! New cover created by @InvincibleWanderer

  • Talking Spit
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    An authentic and original rant book. All opinions are accepted but don't get too carried away. If you get mad or your feelings hurt, too bad. You should've grown some balls. Beautiful cover done by @neghativity

    Completed   Mature