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  • Fairy Tail High: The Second Semester! {Popular!Natsu x Depressed!Reader}
    107K 3.4K 32

    Sequel to Fairy Tail High ~~~~~~~ It's the second semester and you and Natsu have been together for about two months. Even though the bullying has almost completely stopped, you still face depression due to the many years of pain and heartbreak. The second semester will be filled with new challenges! Finals, graduatio...

  • Fairy Tail High {Bullied!Readerx Popular!Natsu}
    197K 5.3K 14

    You are a student at Fairy Tail High. While you are the smartest one in the entire school, you are bullied by the cheerleaders. Lucy is the cheer captain, while Lisanna and Mira are her followers. Little do they know... You are the Heavenly Dragon Slayer. The most powerful Dragon Slayer of them all... WARNING: THIS ME...

  • From the Tea Shop ~ Ciel X Reader
    579K 21.2K 51

    After being kicked out of living with your grandma, you find a place at a tea shop, you will never know what life will bring you too. Making tea, loving the smell, the taste, and the faces, and the people you meet will Change you life forever, well for you it did.