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  • Her Addiction
    2K 55 16

    Attracted to his dark sides, Jasmine found herself falling in love with her captor. Aaron might be twisted, but when he finds a connection, he never let's go.. Their love story is cut short and their separation unbearable for her, freedom was not what she craved...

  • The Girl With the Bad Dreams
    2.9K 412 18

    Carlin Hanson's life has been ruined by nightmares. Every time she falls asleep a man tortures and torments her in her dreams. The circumstances change, but the man is always the same, she has come to know him better than any man she's met in real life, and fear him more than death. After years of therapy Carlin is...

  • LondonWattCon16 Interviews
    3.2K 373 49

    So I'm going to be interviewing people at this event, so if you want to participate there, here or wherever you are? Watch this space as I will be posting interview questions for you to answer a few a day throughout the week...and the last will be uploaded on Friday 2nd December 2016 It probably should say "in-famo...

  • Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network
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    A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire or awe you in some way.

  • The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones
    657K 30.4K 27

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION In 1955, mixed-race Ethan Harper leaves his progressive hometown for a summer in Alabama where he's not welcome, except by resident free spirit, Juniper Jones. ***** After getting himself into a bout of trouble, 16-year-ol...

  • Confessions of a Mormon Bride (2014 Watty Award Winner)
    205K 2.3K 12

    True love never ends. At least mine won't... Part memoir, part essay collection, Confessions of a Mormon Bride: Essays on Love and Mormonism, explores the intersections of love and faith as the author makes her way to the wedding alter, assumes the role of wife, and navigates motherhood.

  • Paper Stars
    36.5K 954 43

    Sara is the temperamental, quick-to-judge daughter of an upstanding Protestant family in the countryside of Cologne. To her, the war has always seemed a far-away nuisance. That is, until a warm night in the summer of 1944, when a jarring dose of reality is dumped upon their doorstep: young, fraught, and Jewish. Enter...

  • Miles & Memories
    1.2K 116 8

    A journey through time measured in miles and memories all connected to a treasured pink Cadillac

  • Her, Saving Grace
    9.8M 436K 53

    She wasn't that drunk. So the six-foot something creature rummaging through her fridge half-naked, at eight in the morning was real. Now here's the tinsy winsy problem; She lives alone. ------------------------------------------------ Let's just say Catherine Wright wasn't having the best day. Everything just wasn't g...

  • Night of the Spirits - @Short Story
    3.1K 514 17

    @SHORTSTORY - Historical Fiction, Horror: Dying man Jeb Crayton, asks his friend Angus, an old Scot who likes his liquor to help his widow after he's gone. Days later, Angus is asked to bury Jeb's dog, Joe. It becomes a horrific task.

  • Look at me now: Diary of a former fat girl
    48.8K 484 11

    A coming of Age story about a girl who finds out who she is beyond what she was. "The fat girl" Join Isabella as she deals with love, loss and realizations that she is stronger than she ever could have imagined.

  • What Allison Said | ✔️
    198K 11.1K 81

    ❝and in my dreams i will find what i cannot have in reality.❞ allison has a few things to say to parker.