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  • Forever and Always
    16.6K 423 1

    Lucy gets very sick. Nobody knows why, but it leaves Fairy Tail sad, even the strong and brave salamander. *EDITED (SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN THE ORIGINAL)*

  • Kidnapped
    177K 7.9K 61

    Lucy Heartfilia is a normal girl. She goes to Fairy Tail Academy and is one of their top students and leads a normal lifestyle. She lives alone in a tiny flat and doesn't have many friends. Her life immediately changes when one day Lucy is walking home but doesn't get there because as she is walking home she gets kidn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail Texts
    1.2M 60.5K 111

    {Original FTT} Fairy Tail characters texting each other! I hope you enjoy~! DISCLAIMER: Fairy Tail and all related characters are owned by Hiro Mashima. [NEW PASTEL COVER!!!!]

  • Random funny stuff (anime)
    1.9M 82.2K 357

    Anime jokes and pics!!! Read all u want!!! Oh and also some non-anime stuff... Includes funny videos and pics! Enjoy!! XD

  • 50 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of ThunderClan
    226K 13.5K 51

    From the most cruel of ways to the most dumb. All amazing ways to get kicked out of ThunderClan! Read if you want the step-by-step guide book to being kicked out of ThunderClan!

  • Ways to Get Kicked Out of StarClan
    118K 10.7K 101

    Woah! Look! It's CrazystarThunderClan, Firestar4ever, Frostycloud, SlugterranCat, Brambleclaw4ever, LightningStrikeTC, FrostFireWarriorCat, WhisperSpirit, and helloilovecats all making one huge spoof book! Hi der is Herkfost. I innduct u 2 buk. No. //facepalms- dumb Hawkfrost. That poor frickin idiot. Welcome to this...

  • Funny Text Bloopers
    23.6M 928K 598

    Collection of 'Funny Text Bloopers'.

  • Warrior Cats Name Generator
    470K 14.3K 42

    Find your Warrior Cat name here!

  • Warrior Cat Quotes
    496K 30.5K 168

    A huge collection of Warrior Cat Quotes, straight from the Erins. I've picked out some of the most beautiful, poetic, sassy, funny, and iconic lines in the Warriors series. Enjoy! ~~ The LARGEST and most CURATED collection of Warriors quotes on Wattpad! ~~ Please don't fight in the comments, I mean, c'mon! I'll have t...

  • Percabeth
    833K 17.8K 44

    The seven are settled down at camp, but that doesn't mean it's peaceful. Read about Percabeth, Frazel, Jasper, and even Caleo moments as the seven face love, jealousy, and... Babies?!