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  • Thank you, Is It Necessary
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    This is a story of my birthday. No matter what you do, where you find yourself do not forget to say thank you.

  • My Facade
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    #XOXOConfessions Life is never as it seems... Confessions Flash Fiction Contest entry.

  • Switching.
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    There’s a lot of people on this world who would rather die than keep on living. There’s also people who would give everything to come back to life. What would you do if you had the chance to choose?

  • Dangerous Confession
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    #XOXOConfessions Flash Fiction Contest Entry I'm not a normal girl. Anyone could pass me on the street and believe otherwise. Sadly, they're mistaken. From my bottle dyed hair down to the name on my license. I'm not Alison Andrews and this is my confession.

  • Dear True Confessions Girl
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    Dear True Confessions Girl, I am going to make you fall back in love with me -Anonymous

  • Confession
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    This is my Confession

  • Suicide Is Confession
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    They each got a text but they had no idea about the reasons behind it nor the horror that awaited them when they went looking for answers. Find out Andrea's dark secrets...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lipstick
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    Humans were gifted creatures that has the ability to feel different emotion and understand the meaning of it. We have the knowledge to communicate, cope up and fit in to every situation. As humans we had that thought that we were born to share things with everyone. But not actually all of it. There is one thing that w...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Thought That You'd Be Here By Now (XOXOconfessions Honorable Mention)
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    This is my submission for xoxoAfterDark's flash fiction contest!

  • Look, but Don't Touch | ✓
    4.4K 241 1

    *WINNER of the XOXO Connects flash-fiction contest for a publishing contract with Pocket Books.* What's your deepest, darkest desire? Shelby Weeks is a six out of ten on a good day, but her brains and ambition make up for her woeful lack of allure. Nick Farmer, on the other hand, is a handsome, charismatic man who ha...

  • XOXO Confessions
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    Do you want to know a secret? XOXO After Dark wants to know your deepest, darkest confessions...and to tempt you, we're having a contest during our online romance convention, #XOXOConnects! Write us a short (very short) story on the theme of "Confessions"--whatever that means to you--and you might win a publishing con...