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  • Warriors: Apprentices to Warriors, Peace to Bloodshed (Book Two)
    956 25 4

    In this story -- the sequel to "Warriors: Traitors", Moonpaw and his remaining ThunderClan siblings finally become warriors. FireClan has been practically nonexistent for moons and when Moonpaw becomes a warrior, he is reminded of the promise he made near the beginning of his apprenticeship, as well as his terrifying...

  • Warriors: Traitors (Book One)
    3.4K 69 10

    A young kit is born into ThunderClan with four littermates. One day he finally discovers the true identity of his father, and a prophecy constantly moves through his head. Through it all he does his best to stay loyal to the warrior code and his birth clan, but it becomes difficult when he becomes tempted by his fathe...

  • The Road To A Warrior (Book 1)
    90.3K 2.4K 22

    Fuzzy is a young rogue kit. She suffers a great loss and joins LightClan as Fuzzykit. She soon becomes Fuzzypelt. But when the clans are in need of the help from the prophecised cat- herself, will she have the courage and wit to save them? Can she protect the clan that sheltered her since her tragedy? And will she fal...

  • True Warrior Hearts (Book 2)
    47K 1.4K 26

    Jaypaw, Tawnypaw and Brackenpaw are the kits of Fuzzypelt and Sandtail. They soon rise and become warriors and serve the clan with loyalty. But a cat who holds a grudge against the cats returns and this time even stronger, and now the three young cats have to do as their prophecy says they will: Protect the clans. Can...