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  • Kylie Jenner: Fighting the 1800s
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    The glorious 1800s. When makeup was created by toxic berries and unknown chemicals. When witches were burnt at the stake (in secret), and executions were made public. And when families shared the same tub of hot water. Ever wondered how it would be like to live in the 19th century? Kylie Jenner certainly hasn't. But o...

  • Kendall and Kylie: Trapped in Their Own Game
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    Inspired by @kfxinfinity 's "Kim Kardashian: Trapped in Her Own Game" I bring to you, "Kendall and Kylie: Trapped in Their Own Game"

  • Trapped in a kardashian world
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    Based on the game kim kardashian Hollywood. A girl with name of Danella has had a dream of being famous since she was 8 until one day on august her wish came true. She had to survive with a hard life, lots of work, dating tons of celebrities, surviving her life with haters ( willow freaking pape ) but starts getting...

  • Kendall & Kylie: Trapped in their own game {DISCONTINUED}
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    What happens when you are trapped in your OWN game? With help of the Kardashians, what could possibly go wrong? Join Kendall & Kylie on their adventure to get back in the real world.

  • Kylie Jenner takes on Hollywood
    2.7K 90 12

    In this story you will go through challenges and struggles in Kylie Jenner's life and have the whole experience in her world. I do not own any pictures or any characters besides Tori, also this is a spinoff of the Kim Kardashian story made by kxfinfinity

  • Kim Kardashian: stuck in her own game!
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    We all know what playing this game feels like. Sometimes it's a gift from heaven, and sometimes it's a package from the gates of hell. What if someone, possibly your favorite person in the game, knew the feeling? I'm talking about the girl who started it all. The girl who created the feelings. The girl who is now trap...

  • Kim Kardashian game in a story
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    I love the Kim Kardashian Game therefore i put it in a story. No more explaining if your interested read the story.