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  • Territorial Men 11: Luke Fuentes
    246K 22.9K 9

    A notable leader, decent, intelligent, and most of all, he is the epitome of an ideal man. That's how people labeled Mayor Alluke "Luke" Fuentes. Everyone around him has a high expectations about the woman who would link on him; she must equal his admirable characteristics. It wasn't hard to find his equal. They are...

  • Territorial Men 10: Caston Villareal
    5.9M 274K 51

    Honorable but deadly, Caston Villareal is decided not to get involved with any woman who can distract him from getting justice for his mom. But things change when he meets Zalanna Guerrera, the woman who unexpectedly makes him fall in love. *** A former soldier and police chief inspector, Caston Villareal is set to do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 9: Carter Altaraza
    6.7M 355K 82

    Carter Altaraza is lethal, skilled, and ruthless on the battlefield. But after the war, there are no warriors--there are only survivors. And then Alandra Grande teaches him how to live. *** Carter thought he'd outlived the war, but the war outlived him instead. Regret and guilt from the death of his friend and fellow...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 8: Kielton Grande
    8.2M 277K 39

    A rebellious son from one of the most influential family in the Country, Kielton Grande seeks for his freedom in his own freaking way. He left his luxurious life and choose to stay his feet on the ground and live his life the way he wanted it to be. Musika ang dahilan kung bakit nagawa niyang talikuran ang buhay na in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 7: Howell Banchero
    7.1M 225K 50

    Successful yet snobbish, that's how most people describe the hottie doctor, Howell Banchero. He's determined to continue his family's legacy and just when he thought that everything's according to plan, an unexpected night turns his world upside down. Can Howell fix it before things go out of hand? *** Howell Banchero...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 6: Clane Altaraza
    11.8M 338K 39

    No one dare to mess with him in business world. He's untamed and a heartless tycoon. And even in Clane Altaraza's Military days, he's well-known for that, for being ruthless and a fucking beast in a battle ground. But, no matter how much he wanted to continue serving the Country, he knew that his life wasn't bound for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 5: Zyron Fuentes (Soon to be published under LIB Bare)
    9.2M 281K 34

    Living his life as free like a bird, Zyron Fuentes promised to himself to never tie a knot, because he knew that love will only breaks you in the end. A man who don't think about responsibilities and shits in life. A black sheep to one of the most respected family in the Country and most of all, he's known for being a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 3: Brooke Montero (Published Under LIB BARE)
    10.1M 302K 35

    One of the richest man in Asia, Brooke Montero is clearly needed only one thing... A woman who will marry him. They will get married and he will get his inheritance from his grandfather. It was a simple deal, but the beautiful woman he chose made it difficult for him. She desperately wanted a baby in exchange of marry...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 4: Dwaye Mendez (Published under LIB Bare)
    9M 249K 33

    Stuck in the past and the mystery behind it, Dwaye Mendez try to live his life again as normal as he used before. Night out, making out with different women and play games. He's known as a man who don't do relationships, and for him, he's a kind of man who never picture himself waiting in the altar, watching his wife...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 2: Drake Villafuente (Published Under LIB BARE)
    11.9M 340K 37

    Drake Villafuente is a beach resort owner and a hottie single dad to his four year old son, Blake. Being a single father was never been a problem to him. He can provide everything for his son, but he knew that material things and a father's love weren't enough. His son's life will never be completed without a mother. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Territorial Men 1: Colton Altaraza (Published under LIB Bare)
    12.7M 380K 35

    Kilala si Colton Altaraza sa Philippine Navy Seal na mabangis pagdating sa underwater swimming. Pero sa huli niyang misyon bago magpakasal sa kanyang longtime girlfriend, Colton got shot by their opponents multiple times. The pain is unbearable that he almost lost consciousness. While fighting hard to his precious lif...

    Completed   Mature