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    "All rookie officer Colby Daniels wants is to prove herself. She hadn't counted on stumbling upon the town's first homicide. While working closely with the squad, Colby is attracted to Officer Tom Vitali, the handsome cop with the mischievous smile. But department relationships are forbidden. As the case heats up, so...

  • Amish Under Fire #SYTYCW15 #LoveInspiredSuspense #Wattys2015 #JustWriteIt
    47.4K 318 2

    (NOTICE: This book is being published on Amazon very soon and the full version will no longer be available on Wattpad.) When Maria Mast's ex-boyfriend is arrested for trying to kill her and for being involved in human trafficking, she thinks she's finally safe. That she can finally stop running. But the danger has on...

  • Before Sunday
    3.3M 132K 41

    When Lola wishes for love, she doesn't expect it to appear so suddenly - or to come in the form of her husband 10 years in the future. ***** On the eve of her 21st birthday, Lola Daniels wishes on a cupcake. Not for fame, fortune or immortality but...

  • Bleeding Hearts
    14.8K 318 8

    Orphaned at an early age, now twenty-four-year-old Camryn Lucks is ready to commit to find that special someone, and so accepts a date from a charming, gallant, handsome stranger. The last thing she imagines after accepting that first date with Carson would actually be the beginning of her worst nightmare. Red rose...

  • Not a Flower - A Novel
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    "Not a Flower" made it to the Top 50 Finalist in Harlequin's Writing Contest #SYTYCW15! I'm so excited and honored. So please read, vote, and share with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, any way you want. Appreciate it! SYNOPSIS: What is love? A chance meeting at the hospital is the start of an une...

  • Callie - An Enchantress Novel - Book 1
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    Chosen as one of the Top 10 stories by Harlequin So You Think You Can Write. There hasn't been one like her for 1500 years. For Callie it's survival. For everyone else it's love at first bite. A dark beginning leads to a new twist in the vampire genre. This is not a romance but a young girls survival. Some r...

  • Crazy Enough
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    It was supposed to be an easy job. Get to Mexico, get photos of that bastard, Niro, and get home. But photojournalist Corkie Brooks did not account for a lone Army Ranger kidnapping her, stealing her photos, and then protecting her. Lt. Alex Spears wants to destroy the man who killed his father. He never expec...

  • Drawn to Darkness #SYTYCW15 #Intrigue
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    A killer in a small North Carolina city is targeting gay men. He finds them on a hook-up site, dates them, kills them and then immortalizes them as art before he flees each scene. It's up to Special Agent Dante Wyly to find the killer and stop his rampage, but can he do it without losing the woman he loves?

  • Dreams
    8.7K 352 24

    A woman who must achieve her goal, a man who stands to rip her world apart. Stevie Long has finally landed the job of her dreams, the one that’s going to take her straight to the top. Little does she know that fate is about to intervene and throw her a curve-ball. Nobody has ever infuriated her more than Mick Brown; h...

  • Duality
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    Top 10 Finalist in Harlequin's 2015 So You Think You Can Write contest! --- "She knew he was the loveliest man she'd ever seen--and probably would ever see. And she had to kill him." The out of balance world requires a physical embodiment of light and dark. Raised in the woods by her guardian, the only thing Mila kne...

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  • Finding Home #SYTYCW15 #SpecialEdition
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    Bad-boy turned bush pilot Conner Morgan was content with his life until Andie Turner reentered it. He could easily fall for her, if only her Christmas shop wasn't in his building, the one he's about to sell to developers. Andie hasn't seen Conner since he broke her heart in high school. She'd never get involved with h...

  • His Discarded Bride #thefictionawards2019
    1.1M 38.1K 24

    Leilani Davide can't believe this is happening to her. Her pulse clambering desperately, she waits for the plane to take off. Upon receiving life-changing news, Leilani sets forth on an impulsive journey away from her home in Australia to magnificent Rome, Italy, to discover the truth. Quiet and deeply unsure, she run...

  • If At First
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    Tabitha has a choice. She can return home to the sheltered, predictable life that will undeniably lead to an eternity of knitting afghans for her swarm of cats, or she can accept her estranged grandmother's order/invitation into the elite social circle Tabitha's mother turned her back on years ago. Neither holds a pro...

  • It's Only Temporary
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    After his personal assistant quits, a Wall Street financier must decide whether to break all the rules and track her down.

  • Love Like a Man
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    **This story was a top 55 SYTYCW15 Finalist!** Claire Warren felt like she had her life under control; she kicked ass at her job as an investment banker, had her own condo overlooking the City and spent her personal time knocking back G&T's at some of Toronto's hottest bars. Everything was perfect.... Well it was...

  • Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 Finalist! [COMPLETED]
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    ***A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL Dec 1st, 2015*** EVA TURNER's a single-mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But things get complicated when her small-scale photography business goes viral. MARSHALL DAVIES is a world-weary investigative journalist (suffering PTSD) wit...

  • Where Have All The Cowboys Gone formerly titled; Protecting the Cowboys Baby by Elle Marlow
    5.3K 237 10

    Thank you for reading Where Have All The Cowboys Gone Avail are the blurb and the First Chapter. The entire manuscript is avail on Amazon for your E reader and coming soon in paperback. As always, you can find me at www.ElleMarlowWrite on T...

  • Sleeping With Ghosts (#SYTYCW15 Top Ten)
    9.6K 167 2

    Thank you so kindly to all those of you who voted for Sleeping with Ghosts in So You Think You Can Write 2015! I'm now taking all but the opening chapters off Wattpad while I seek publication. Of course, it will still be available for a short time on the competition website:

  • Summer Fling - Players of Marycliff University, Book 1
    130K 1.7K 9

    Available on iBooks, Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. Clickable links on my profile. One summer is all they have ... A chance encounter at a party brings Lance and Abby together. Lance just graduated and has a summer internship. His parents expect him to come back to Texas to work in the family business at the end of the summe...

  • That Sweet Deal
    458K 16.6K 22

    Gwen McPherson's boyfriend is a cheater and lousy lay (not necessarily in that order). Upon dumping him Gwen moves in with her best friend, Annalise, and drowns her sorrows in her sweet baking career. Gwen is surprised her hunky new neighbor is the most delicious part of her single life. Dorian Byrne is hiding from hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Assassin's Shadow
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    ***Top 55 of Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write Contest*** Elaine Archer didn’t always know she was different, not until her accident in sixth grade. A fall that should have killed her left her with nothing, not even a scar to flaunt as proof of her fall. From that moment on, she kept the secret even from her own...

  • The Cop's Doc
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    *Top 55 of Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write Contest - Please vote for Part 1* Doctor Jocelyne Baldwin is on the run from the law, but when she witnesses a police officer being injured in a hit-and-run, she can’t help coming to his aid. She saves the man's life, then tries to disappear. Seth Jacobs tracks down t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Emperor's Arrow
    169K 3.9K 12

    2015 Winner of Harlequin's SYTYCW Contest. Sent as a bride candidate for the emperor, Evony is anything but happy about the situation. She might be a trained warrior of the Amazzi, but she knows little of court and intrigue. It's her difference that draws the attention of the emperor and as she slowly finds out more a...

  • The Sheikh's Forbidden Jewel
    175K 6.5K 16

    This hot contemporary romance in exciting settings was a Top 50 semi-finalist in Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write 2015 competition. Enjoy!

  • The Soldier's Return
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    This is the first title in the miniseries "Heart of a Hero". All of the titles in this series will have military veterans as hero and/or heroine. The stories are inspired by the writer's work as a therapist at a Veterans Administration facility. With these books I hope to honor the sacrifices of our military members a...

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    Highland Promise is now published! This is the version I sold to my publisher. To read a revised version with new scenes and a new chapter go to Amazon at To listen to the audiobook go to Audible at From 2016 Golden Heart® finalist Alyson McLayne comes a new Historical Rom...

  • Throw Your Heart Over
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    I'm still polishing, so I'm updating these chapters as I go. If you're very kind, check and see if these are improvements or not! TYHO is about a woman with a job she loves - she just has to make sure she doesn't fall for her boss. But he's tall, dark and handsome - and a top show jumper as well. The odds are not i...

  • Tuscany (#SYTYCW15) (Solstice Publishing) Coming Sept. 30th!
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    It's official, Tuscany is being published through Solstice Publishing and will be released on September 30, 2016, so come by and check it out. Fall in love with Tuscany! This book made it to the Top 55 of the SYTYCW15 Contest with Harlequin! So check out this first chapter, but the whole book has been removed since I...

  • Watermelon Wishes
    3.6K 217 22

    Hello readers, Here is a draft to my story "Watermelon Wishes." It was written to be submitted to Harlequin's SYTYCW 15 contest and placed in the Top 50 - THANK YOU so much for your votes! What a wonderful honor! I am so thankful. <3 I hope that you'll find that this story is similar to the style of the Harlequin Hea...