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  • Pirates of the Caribbean Preferences (DISCOTINUED)
    12.3K 150 6

    Preferences are 'Captain' Jack Sparrow Hector Barbossa William Turner Lord Cutler Beckett Commodore Norrington Davy Jones (for you weird people!) I am taking suggestions

  • spectacular. ptg
    14.9K 477 30

    "pentagon cha cha cha~" pentagon one-shots, short stories, scenarios, reactions, etc! stuff about the boys! (yay) © 2018

    27.8K 355 11

    💜PENTAGON Imagines🌌 _________PTG_________ 🍥 JINHO 🍥 HUI 🍥 E'DAWN 🍥 HONGSEOK 🍥 SHINWON 🍥 YEOONE 🍥 YANAN 🍥 YUTO 🍥 KINO 🍥 WOOSEOK Stan talent, Stan PENTAGON "We're the star in the universe"

  • Pentagon Imagines, MTL, Scenarios & Zodiacs.
    288K 7.1K 69

    PENTAGON IMAGINES, MTL, SCENARIOS, AND ZODIACS ON ALL OUR FAVOURITE PEOPLE! JINHO~ Smol Bean HUI~ Blessed/ Awkward Dad HONGSEOK~ Muscular Mom E'DAWN~ High Pitched Monkey SHINWON~ Sassy Shoulders YEO ONE~ Cheesy, Cheeky, Beautiful YAN AN~ Is Actually 6 Years Old YUTO~ Looks Tough *Really Isn't KINO~ Triple Threat Makna...

    Completed   Mature
    142K 2.1K 15

    A compilation of one shots of 12 hot Kids/Men in tight pants. Let's show our XOXO for EXO! XD [closed] ^^v

  • His Hired Wife (A Huang Zi Tao Fanfiction)
    31K 1.2K 31

    what will you do if you will apply as an Idol's Maid and ended up being his Wife?

    3.1K 40 9

    SMUTS & SOME DRAMA (OPEN FOR REQUEST!) (boxboy, memberxreader, threesome, etc.)

  • exo one shots
    15.6K 268 21

    Disclaimer : I do not own any concept of the media, EXO, all credits go to their rightful owners I just own the story

  • Exo memes
    334K 13.5K 201

    For all the exo fans out there

    973K 25.9K 52

    Some can be sad, some can be romantic, and some can be cute~

  • Exo Imagines.
    123K 2.2K 38

    ---EXO Imagines, they're short imagines tho.---

  • Hold Me |Exo Imagines|
    15.6K 286 38

    "It's just you and me in this world, hold me" - Exo Imagines ©2020, JohnnyQualities. All rights reserved

  • EXO-X
    11.3K 528 14

    EXO-Kiss: Where EXO got the kisses~~ **first book of the kiss series**

    65.9K 965 49

    Compilation of Long Imagines Tweeps~ Hope you enjoy! ♥ Much Love :) Dont forget to Like, Share, Vote and Comment ♥ sincerely, Luhan's Jagiya ♥

  • The Elder Scrolls reader inserts
    52.3K 860 15

    Reader inserts. Mostly from Skyrim and mostly oneshots.

  • Elder Scrolls Boyfriend Scenarios
    68.8K 1K 35

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite elder scrolls character fell for you? Is so, then this is the book for you! Requests are always open! I'll write just about anything, including smut.

  • Cicero X Reader: Servant of Evil
    71K 2.7K 16

    Warning: contains spoilers for the main Dark Brotherhood quests (This is based on a few songs if you listen to Vocaloid you probably already know one! I don't own Skyrim, or any songs that this is based on, or any fanart that is in here, thank you) ~for all the people who fell in love with a crazy jester~ ~~~ART IS NO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cicero x Reader oneshots
    4.5K 101 6

    So this is a book of oneshots focusing on just you and Cicero!

  • To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader)
    36.7K 945 11

    Is it possible to love a mad fool? please for the love of god stop asking me to update i don't want to remember that i wrote this -🍒

  • [DISCONTINUED] Cicero And The Listener ~Cicero x Reader~
    6.3K 150 8

    Sorry to say but the story is discontinued. I started it like two or three years ago and don't want to continue it. It's pretty trash lmao.

  • Skyrim Imagines
    23.5K 444 44

    Skyrim Imagines w/ Variety ⭐Is your Skyrim bae rarely used in Imagines? You'll find them all here! ⭐UPDATED EVERY TUE. ⭐Requests for Imagine Stories or shorts are open just comment on the Authors note.

  • ●□◆ Skyrim IMAGINES/oneshots ◇■○
    18.7K 348 11

    The following people in here are: Farkas, Vilkas, Brynjolf, Erik, Agris, Cicero, Aela, Alduin, Paarthurnax, Odahviing, and probably some Ancano. Enjoy and let us have a blast!

  • Elder Scrolls Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN)
    60K 1.1K 68

    A collection of oneshots for the Elder Scrolls series. Requests are open! I will write any ship, character, or reader insert.

  • Skyrim fanfic [Ancano x Reader]
    4.1K 107 3

    You are a skilled new apprentice at the college of Winterhold, and a certain thalmor seems to have his eyes on you.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • His Eyes ~ Thranduil x Reader
    41K 1.2K 13

    This is Y/N. Follow her story as she goes through life at Mirkwood, alongside her friend Legolas. Only one trouble seems to bother her: His Eyes. Watch as she struggles between her heart and her head, with the root of the problem being the one and only King of the land himself Hello! Here I have a Thranduil story. Yo...

  • Hamilton One Shots (x reader)
    583K 13K 53

    *reads title* highest ranks: #762 in fan fiction #12 in hamilton #38 in oneshots

  • SkyrimXReader: Oneshots and Preferences
    286K 4.6K 70

    Just oneshots and preferences about some NPCs who I find kind nice. Open for request! No smut though.

  • Rose Buds Don't Last Forever (Phantom x Reader)#Wattys2016
    49.4K 1.6K 22

    You have always dreamed of performing at the Opera Populaire but you lived all the way in England. You run away from your family.... you will find out the rest in this story

  • Kingsfoil [Thranduil] LOTR
    599K 25.7K 66

    Love has the power to heal the deepest wounds. #ElvenKingsNeedLoveToo Set during Lord of the Rings. Thranduil/OC Thranduil's not afraid to do whatever necessary to push back the darkness threatening his forest. The hands of the king have the power to heal, but will it be enough to save his kingdom...and himself? Thi...

  • One-shots/Short Stories
    723K 13K 200

    These are just one-shots/short stories of: -Sherlock -Loki/Tom Hiddleston -Jasper Whitlock -Draco Malfoy -Tom Riddle -Spencer Reid -Charles Xavier -Finnick Odair -Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan And many others. Requests can be made just DM me or something. OCxFandom