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  • Devil In Her Angel Eyes
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    Suzuka Nakamoto, was your normal, every day Idol. She was sweet, nice, cute and innocent. That is what she wanted everyone to believe, but deep down inside of her, was a side that was rebellious, mischievous, and a tad bit naughty, in the playful way. Due to being an Idol in the public, Suzuka had to keep her other si...

  • A life together
    2.8K 76 5

    "I still want to figure out in wich moment you stopped being my best friend to be my whole world" Moa cried in anger before covering her face with her hands. MUI (moa x yui) fanfic and maybe Su / OC BABYMETAL yuri.

  • Anata wo shiritai.
    3.9K 100 10

    Yui x OC

  • Sakura Gakuin's New Member
    531 12 4

    To understand this story you will have to watch the show called Sakura Gakuin or else you will be very confused. But I hope you will still enjoy my book and continue reading it. Enjoy.

  • Mui むい
    590 10 2

    Today I'm going to see yui...and tell her I love her.

  • My Little Panda
    636 12 3

    The Sakura Gakuin Festival 2014 may just be the best yet... Nene comes back for the festival and Raura couldn't be happier. The sequel to my first fic, however this is from Nene's point of view, maybe we'll finally know what she was thinking...... I don't own Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL or AMUSE, this is just for fun and...

  • The Who Fell || Mui Fanfic || Sequel
    6.1K 152 8

  • Becoming Babymetal (discontinued)
    2K 76 12

    Hey so this is a Babymetal fanfiction. It's about how they formed as group and developed their personality. There is also a bit of Mui in there as well. (It's not the main storyline just an additional scenario) ********** ********** I am no longer writing this because I have no idea what to do with the story and I do...

  • After Graduation (A Sakura Gakuin fanfic)
    533 11 1

    Hey dachis, a little NenexRaura fanfic for ya. A fluffy one-shot set during(ish) and after the Sakura Gakuin Festival 2014 from Raura's point of view. If you don't like femslash, stay well away, you have been warned. Don't forget to comment it helps me a lot. I don't own SG or AMUSE, this is just for fun and practice...

  • The One
    1.7K 60 9

    Will you be the one to save me from my own demise?

  • The One Who's Falling || Mui fanfic
    6.2K 166 9

    Moa's been best friends with Yui for years. However, she's noticed a change in their relationship, how they treat each other. Is this a good change? How will Moa ever confess her feelings towards Yui?

  • Bittersweet Memory
    608 21 3

    This story is about my life with Babymetal. You can search Babymetal in Google or Youtube to know more. Literally with them, with these girls. This is a story, not a diary. ;)