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  • Casanova's Love Game
    25.7M 385K 53

    Luke Evans Palermo (Tigers)

    59.5M 974K 65

    (Published under PopFiction) Anong gagawin mo pag ang best friend mo (na matagal mo nang mahal) ay sinabihan ka na gawin mong boyfriend ang kaagaw niya sa ex- girlfriend niya? Samahan si Alys sa kanyang quest to Seduce Drake Palma (ang pinakatahimik na lalaki sa balat ng wattpad)!

    21M 284K 64

    Published under Summit Pop Fiction (English, P175). Grab a copy now!

  • Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody
    39.4M 669K 75

    Kyle Shinwoo & Chelsea Torres (First story)

  • Mr. Maniac meets Ms. Pervert (PUBLISHED)
    73.6M 853K 56

    Aragon Series #2 : What will happen if Mr. Maniac John Dale Aragon meets Ms. Pervert Natasha Feddiengfield ?

  • Ang Storya nang Torpe
    1.2K 32 6

    yung bestfriend ko mahal ko na pala? ... -Mark

  • (Oneshot) "Gusto ka din pala n'ya!"
    82.1K 2.8K 1

    For soft copies ➜

  • Hello, Maiden
    372K 15.5K 21

    MaiDen fanfiction || She knows him. He isn't aware of her existence. But because of one mistake, their paths crossed and their story started. ( completed )

  • Trip In Love or Fall In Love? (PUBLISHED with TV adaptation)
    30.4M 317K 82

    Is it Trip in Love or Fall In Love?

  • To Love Again...
    123K 2.6K 7

    (Unlucky I'm In Love with my Best Friend's Side Story) [ON HOLD] How can you love when you're afraid to be hurt once again? KURT DYLAN NGO, isang lalaking kung magmahal ay wagas pero sa huli nasaktan lang. This story would enlighten every reader's mind on how Kurt struggled only to move on and how he was able to get...

  • Crazy in love with the little devil
    2.1M 68.6K 25

    Part 2 of CRAZY LITTLE DEVIL Bae Suzy as Fancy Jewel Abellano Infinite L as Sydd Caleb Agoncillo EXO Luhan as Blake Zed Smith Book cover © @milkalattae

  • And Then He Fell
    7.6M 149K 46

    Drew Rangle, quarterback of his high school football team, is dating gorgeous cheerleader, Elle Martin. When Drew's parents ask Elle's full-figured twin sister, Em, to stay with Drew during their month long vacation, Drew discovers more about himself than he ever wanted to know.

  • Simpleng Tulad Mo [COMPLETED]
    25.3K 965 17

    Yung nainlove ako sa simpleng babae. Na love at first sight. Magugustuhan rin kaya niya ako? Makakaamin ba siya? Masasaktan ko ba siya? May Happy Ending ba kami? O sadyang aasa lang ako? SNSD's Taeyeon as Hannah EXO's Baekhyun as Ian

  • K-Pop 101
    720K 11.5K 56

    Collection of K-pop.. Tagalog Ver. & etc. LOLOLOL

  • MPMMN 3: Together Forever
    20.5M 294K 42

    LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE ♥ MPMMN 3: Together Forever Copyright © Pinkyjhewelii, 2014

  • Breaking the Bad Boy (with TV Movie adaptation)
    26M 740K 60

    Skie Gonzales is a just a typical Bad Boy. He doesn't follow rules, He makes the rules. He know he's bad but there's no stopping him. But that's what he thought, not until Angel Beatrix Dela Fuente came into his life.. the girl who's going to break him. Written by blue_maiden Start date: August 19, 2015 Completed: Apr...

  • MY 3: To Infinity And Beyond
    13.1M 190K 41

    Last part of Marry You. SUPPORT YUMANCE Copyrighted © Pinkyjhewelii, 2014

  • Destined (Published with TV Movie adaptation)
    35.9M 1M 56

    Akala ni Keila, seryoso sakanya ang kilalang playboy ng University nila na si Dwayne Lopez. Nagkamali siya. Isa lang din pala siya sa mga babae na pinaglaruan ni Dwayne. Nagmahal siya pero nasaktan lang siya. In the middle of her heart being broken, makikilala niya ang sikat na bokalista ng Sky Light na si Kean Marco...

  • (Oneshot) "Bakit Mo Ako Nilista?"
    103K 3.5K 1

    For soft copies ➜ • Part 2: • Part 3:

  • MY 2: The Vow
    17.5M 227K 48

    Kakayanin ba nyang ang sasalubong sa kanya ay si MR.COLD MAN na walang pakialam sa nararamdaman ng iba sa halip na yung lalaking nagbago para sa kanya? Will she fight for her love after sacrificing? Or she would choose to give up? MARRY YOU 2: The Vow Copyright © Pinkyjhewelii, 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • Bestfriend! I love you
    22.7K 856 61

    Para sayo ano ang LOVE? Love is like a rosary, full of mystery Love is blind Love is in the air Love is sacrifice at maraming pang iba... Maraming nasasaktan at nakakasakit dahil sa LOVE na yan Kung ikaw ang papipiliin.. Ang PUSO ba na nakakaramdam ng LOVE? o Ang ISIP na nagdedesisyon kung ano ang TAMA? Kung ikaw si N...

  • (Short Story) Love, Rain
    513K 12.8K 19

    Genre: School Life, Romance // "If I were rain, that joins sky and earth that otherwise never touch, could I join two hearts as well?" -- Original quote from Bleach. For soft copies ➜

  • The King of Jerks!
    6.2M 84.4K 35

    [NO SOFTCOPIES] He's the King of the school. She's the Queen of Cosplay. He's the rule setter. She's the rule breaker. Rigid Razor Montez, the imposing dictator president of the campus, obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist at its finest description. Ran Figueroa cosplay queen and the number one rule-breaker in Ri...

  • That One Summer (This Time)
    1.3M 40.4K 6

    Once upon a time, nagkaroon ako ng crush, 'yun nga lang, hindi niya alam ang existence ko. But that one summer, nagbago ang lahat. A short story written by Alyloony in collaboration with Cornetto <3 Movie version: This Time

  • Ms. Sungit Meets Mr. Sungit (Completed)
    4.3M 81.8K 64

    [Tagalog Story][R-13] The idea of having them both in one place would be impossible. They simply clashed. She hates his guts. He hates her guts too. No one dared to surrender to what they actually called "silly" little fight. Both of them badly wanted to WIN. They're too oblivious to see that what will happen next wi...

  • My Stupid Insensitive Crush [COMPLETED]
    6.3M 92.2K 64

    [COMPLETED & AVAILABLE ON BOOKSTORES] Kamusta crush ko? Ayun,manhid siya. I'm ready to move on pero siya naman tong lapit ng lapit sakin. Naranasan niyo na bang tumigil sa paghanga sa crush mo kasi tanggap mo na hindi magiging kayo? Pero pano kung siya naman ang maghabol sayo? Will you take his hand? Or you'll just g...

  • Crazy Little Devil (Wattys 2015 Winner)
    14.5M 290K 43

    Be ready for her trippings. The little devil, Fancy Jewel Abellano. Copyrighted Pinkyjhewelii, 2014

  • IP Side Story: Hate Story
    258K 6.8K 20

    A side story of Layzzah and Jaeki from 'He's Dating the Ice Princess' story. For soft copies ➜

  • Hot And Cold [Completed]
    8.4M 206K 47

    X10 Series: Dustin Lloyd Jimenez Side story of Accidentally Inlove With A Gangster. [[Story of Chloe and Dustin of X10]] Who will fall inlove easily? Ms. Hot or Mr. Cold? TV5's Wattpad Presents: Hot And Cold [Mini Series (May 18-22, 2015)] - Ella Cruz as Chloe - Bret Jackson as Dustin - Keann Johnson as Warren May 18...

  • The Break Up Planner (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    37.9M 698K 84

    "Break na 'yan sa Sabado!"