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  • various batman/DC x reader
    125K 2.1K 34

    my first x reader fics so please be gentle with the comments thank you

  • Wedding Smashers
    87.8K 3K 13

  • The Doctors First Wife
    229 7 2

    It all started and the academy for the Doctor and Cheen. They fell in love in school and decided that they were the only ones for one another. They were school sweethearts and thought they’d be together forever. But with war fast approaching Gallifrey will there love last or will it perish with the rest of the planet?

  • Guardian of Rome
    637K 29.9K 51

    She defied an empire. Five months have passed since Krista and her band of gladiators delivered a swift and humiliating defeat to the Roman army. Now Krista has become the leader of a slave rebellion that travels across Rome, freeing slaves from their chains and killing their masters; their numbers growing vast as p...

  • Until Dawn - Your Story
    196K 7K 30

    That's your chance to make your own story in the game. Your decisions affect the story so choose wisely and have fun ;)

  • The Only One
    49.7K 1.8K 22

    What happens when you get rejected by the one that is suppose to love you? What if you are a wolf too? Do you run and hide or do you stand and fight? When Liliafang faces rejection she runs but she can't run forever. Liliafang is forced to go back and face the one who broke her heart. Will he beg forgiveness or just i...

  • Powers
    326K 13.8K 43

    Julia Lancaster lives in a society where once you come of age, a power is bestowed upon you based on your personality. However, when she receives a power nearly too much for her to handle, she will come to find much more than she bargained for. In a society where the citizens are kept in the dark by their mysterious l...

  • Queen of Thieves
    3.5M 192K 64

    A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's most notorious thief. But that's what she is - a con artist, a thief, a criminal. It's what she's be...

  • The Devil Is My Guardian
    21.4M 618K 28

    One thing I'll always remember is my parents saying "Everyone has a story" "Everyone has a story with a past, tragic or not. Everyone has a story that is meant to go unjudged, even if it was never told" But sometimes we forget that. Like when I though that my guardian was the devil. Even though he taught me how to lau...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beginning of What Never Began
    345 36 16

    This story is about a 12 year old girl who ran away and discovered something... HAHA you have to wait to find out. But when she finds out she runs away and something special happens and she ends of going places, some places are good and some are bad. You just have to wait to find out. -Kaybae_248

  • Random One Shots
    64K 896 89

    The title pretty much sums it up. Most of the one shots will be the reader (you) and a character either from a game, TV show, movie, anime, book character, etc. I do NOT own the characters, the characters photos or you... that would be weird. Also, I will NOT do (write about) real live actors or actresses. Note: If re...

  • Bundle of Oneshots
    3.3K 38 18

    As the title implies, this will be a bundle of oneshots. I get bored often, and write tons and tons of oneshots, so I decided to post them for you guys to read :D The first chapter explain more. DISCLAIMER: I only own my characters, and my plots/scenarios. Everything else belongs to it's rightful owner. [Square Enix...

  • Flash Gold (a steampunk adventure set in the Yukon)
    13.5K 1K 7

    Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered "dogless sled" in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow forever. The problem? Fortune seekers and airship pirates are after her for the secret to flash gold, her late father's alchemical masterpiece. With her modified...

  • Cowboys and Angels
    30.7K 507 15

    Cowgirls, Country Boys, Rodeos, and Texas Nights. Kady Mccoy is a junior in her small town high school, enjoying life on the rodeo team. She dedicates her life to the team. She and Bethany dominate in barrels, Dustin flys high in saddle bronc, Chaz and Cox rope their way to the top in team ropping, Hyde grips tight in...

  • Fandom Reader Inserts
    313K 9.6K 69

    Any Imagine from Doctor who BBC Sherlock The avengers Lord of the rings/hobbit and star Trek :) (Now adding Celebrity's) Also you can request! NOW SUPERNATURAL!

  • Property of the Mafia
    1.4M 31.1K 47

    Linette Cyan did not expect to give up her ordinary nineteen year-old life as wedding dowry in an arranged marriage. Engaged to a charismatic and compelling man who seeks rebellion against his powerful father, Linette finds herself plummeting into the same bloodbath of mystery as her vengeful fiancé. She soon discover...

  • Taint, Time and Tangents
    4.3M 88.1K 39

    There were creatures in this world lurking behind the shadows, unseen and unrelenting. But among them, standing proud and mighty were nine angels known as 'Amaranths'. Being the only white-winged Amaranth, Nine was deemed special. Forced to be confined within the walls of their fortress, she only had one friend, a hum...

  • Rude Awakening
    150K 7.3K 9

    A study in villainous women.

  • Random One-shots
    115K 2K 35

    Just a bunch of one-shots !!!!!! Hopes ya like ! :) oh ok I am editing the description, if you want a one shot go to my profile and go to the 'about me' part and see the anime list. I think you know what to do next.

  • A Mandalorian's Hunt
    186 3 2

    my own version of what happened after boba fett blasted his way out of the sarlacc. he tries to hunt down mace windu who survived falling down from palpatine's quarters. Mandalorian Mercs Rule!

  • The Perri Mistero Series: Black Roses Fall
    1K 49 13

    Perri is a young girl with a passion. She loves solving strange urban legends and mysteries. She tackles whatever she can, and on top of it, writes what happens on her world famous blog. Now, Perri travels to Paris to unravel the strange "Phantom of The Opera" mystery. Will she solve it- and before it's too late?

  • The Game
    212 18 2

    It's that time of the year again. Hunting day, as they call it. 6 boys, 10 girls, or in a more preferred terminology, 10 victims. Every year, five out of the six boys, pick two girls at random and bet on who'll lose their virginity to them first. All the girls have to do is hold onto it. Sounds easy, right? Far from i...

  • Pirate!England X Reader
    12.4K 566 12

    You're a princess who craves adventure when the perfect opportunity steps into your life coughARTHURcough. Will you go with this mysterious pirate or stay trapped in locked palce doors. Of course you're going, but yeah. Edit~ I've begun posting again xD. It's been so long. An entire year whoa. ««Important»»Comments...

  • Mission to the Crown
    337K 16.2K 41

    I was taught never to talk. I am a master at: archery, hunting, tracking, and combat. My name is Dawn, for the color of my eyes. Golden. My father, Jon Crown, is a very rich and smart man. He thinks nothing of me, other than a body guard. He spoils my older brother, Rodger, knowing he will take over the business, the...

  • when the badboy meets the badgirl
    601 27 2

    when Alex and her best friends Aimee and Lucy has been taken home by the police again , Alex and Aimee's and Lucy's mum's have had the last straw they sends Alex and Aimee away to live with Alex's aunt who happens to know what Alex is like . one day Alex and Aimee is at her new school and happens to have a small run...

  • Immortals (A Runes Book 2) CHAPT 1-2
    46.9K 1.2K 3

    Immortals continues the passionate story RAINE and TORIN from RUNES You can read the first book, Runes, right here on Wattpad. BUT IMMORTALS AND THE REST OF THE BOOKS are not COMPLETED HERE. THERE ARE ONLY SAMPLES. I am NOT positing these samples to be mean. I hope you read them and feel inclined to buy them and supp...

  • Eyes Half Closed
    2K 79 28

    Cecilia was just a normal girl, that is, until she turned thirteen...

  • Protecting My Little Girl ((sequel to My Little Girl))
    220K 8.5K 72

    PLEASE READ 'MY LITTLE GIRL' BEFORE READING THIS STORY OR YOU WILL BE VERY CONFUSED!! ==================== Daryl Dixon and his daughter Peyton had a very close relationship.. A Previous relationship ruined that and now, Daryl is a broken man surviving without a cause.... So he thinks.