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  • Mama, I'm in Love with a Criminal ... [[ boy x boy ]]
    109K 2.8K 7

    "911, what's your emergency?" there's a serial killer on the loose. psychotic. he's sick. murderous. he's chosen me as his last victim. i'm the grand finale. i'm the last. i'm 252525/252525. but there's one issue ... my name is matthew gabriel monroe. my serial killer is in love with me. help.

  • The Many Lives of Grayson Murdock (boy x boy)
    29.1K 877 19

    The gripping sequel to 'The Mysterious Case of Jasper Drake' A few weeks ago all Gray Murdock had to worry about was knocking a home run out of the park and chilling with his best friend. However life has gone down hill since then. Now he's a werewolf, or a lycan what ever the hell that means, and mated forever with e...