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  • My Summer Love [JaDine Eng Fanfic]
    54.6K 789 10

    My Summer Love. Copyright © missycoeurdelion 2015. All Rights Reserved. It was summer when Nadine Lustre a photojournalist of a certain magazine publishing company was given a 3 month break due to her recent not so good performance at work. Her always supportive and sisterly bestfriend, Yassi brought her to a private...

  • SOMEDAY (a JaDine Fanfic)
    296K 5.6K 22

    Two very different people. Two very different worlds. One summer. One day.

  • FØRËVĖR¿ ( On Hold )
    4.2K 96 10

    Dø ÿøü bëłïëvē ïñ førëvēr¿ Šëê äñd fïñd øūt¡

  • My crush <3 ( JaDine LustReid )
    26.9K 311 1

    Sa kwentong to , haha ! ung babae ang nanliligaw , baligtad nah ! kase sa panahon ngayon , for sure hinde na uso ang lalake ang nanliligaw !! haha ! please read this ! hope you like it ! :)

  • It All Started In A Bench [JaDine]
    52.4K 1.8K 19

    Paano ba kung mainlove ka sa katabi mo sa isang upuan? paano kung katabi mo na pala ang soulmate mo? Siya si John Noel De Buenavista, isang gwapong lalaki na nagaaral sa Escott University. At syempre kung gwapo , Hearttrob. Pero nung nakilala niya si Nikki Anne Mendoza sa isang upuan , he felt butterflies in his tummy...

  • Pinky Promise (JADINE FanFic)
    55.3K 1.7K 11

    Nadine is finding her ultimate bestfriend "JAMES" Makita nya kaya ulit c James kung nakalimutan nya na ang mukha at pangalan nya? Bakit nya nakalimutan? Paano sila mag kikita? AT Paano na ang Pinky Promise nila? Find out kung magkakasama pa ba sila :)

  • Love Until The End
    17.2K 284 11

    Every Couple starts to a problem due to its family. Love is something that makes you happy. Are you ready to sacrifice yourself to your love ones? Did you do all your strength for your love?

  • HATE turn out to be LOVE (JaDine)
    41.4K 631 7

    Rissa De Guzman (Nadine Lustre) is a one of the kindess girl in their village. She will forget all her problems if she love someone. Josh Del Pilar is a leader of a gang. He and his co - gangsters which is Andrew Reyes (Andre Paras) and Felipe Mandao (Enrique Gil) are heartrobs, everytime they walk along the street...

  • Jadine- The bet ON HOLD
    135K 2.8K 22

    What happens when this guy you have a crush on for so long started bullying you and suddenly asked you out. You forgave him for everything he had done to you. You fell for him so hard. But finding out in the end that it was all just a bet he made with his friends. What will you do? But the real question is did he f...

  • Die For Love Jadine
    57.6K 923 7

    May sakit si Nadine kaya naawa si James ano kaya ang sakit ni Nadine?

  • Melancholic (JaDine fanfic)
    29.9K 325 2

    A jadine fic based on the music video , GONE by Jin.

  • One Shot Stories (Jadine)
    45.2K 1K 12

  • Simple Tweet
    4.4K 106 2


  • ↣ Letters to Nadine
    46.5K 1.3K 23

    ❝Nadine Lustre, this is everything I didn't say.❞

  • JADINE Songs
    15.1K 312 3

    Here some of songs of Jadine

  • JADINE her boyfriend became my boyfriend
    39.9K 1.1K 15

    (jadine and kathniel)

  • Be Your Everything (EDITING)
    140K 4.5K 41

    Ynna Ramirez almost have everything. Supportive Parents , Good life and a Perfect boyfriend nawalang ginawa kundi pasayahin siya . Parehong legal sila both sides , kaya wala nang hinihiling na iba si Ynna kundi ang magkatuluyan sila hanggang huli. Everything was so perfect. But not until Stephen leave her and married...

  • The Cruise (a JaDine LustReid fanfiction)
    57.6K 1.4K 10

    Nadine Alexis Lustre has been from a relationship with the school jock,Daniel Smith...but Nadine found out that Daniel has a relationship with the head of the cheerleader squad,Karen Williams.. Nadine's parents decided that they should go on a cruise to relax and to get away from the problems.. Then Nadine bumped into...

  • JaDine Facts
    19.3K 390 2

    This book tells you the true and real facts of JaDine, it contains James Reid and Nadine Lustre facts about themselves that you did'nt know.