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  • Destiny Chose Us (A Madara Uchiha/ Hashirama Senju Love Story)
    9.4K 246 9

    Akira has been best friends with Hashirama Senju ever since they were 5 but, she has also best friends with Madara Uchiha since they were 5. Hashirama and Madara have develop a crush on her. But, they both they didn't know that she was friends with the both of them. What will happen if she has to choose between the bo...

  • Itachi's Daughter (Naruto FanFic) {OLD VERSION} [DISCONTINUED]
    177K 4.5K 24

    THIS IS THE OLD VERSION. THE REWRITTEN ONE IS TITLED "FINDING MY WAY" Emiko Uchiha is the daughter of Itachi and Kyoko Uchiha. Itachi and Kyoko were best friends who soon became lovers before the Itachi killed the clan, leaving Sasuke as the sole survivor. Emiko was born 4 years before the Uchiha Massacre, but during...

  • Smoke and Lightning (A Naruto Fanfiction) [Complete]
    50.5K 2.1K 11

    Years before Team 7 was formed, Hatake Kakashi was a member of ANBU. During this time he found it hard to find pleasure in anything, the faces of his dead friends haunting his every moment. It was this that caused him to begin to draw a line between himself and those surrounding him. Sometimes, however, lines drawn ar...

  • The Senju and The Uchiha (Naruto Fanfic)||Complete||
    144K 6.3K 44

    This takes place a month after the fourth shinobi war. A few people were given a second chance at life, those people being the previous Hokages; Hashirama Senju and his brother Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki. Even the Uchiha clan is alive and well with Madara Uchiha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding My Way (Itachi's Daughter Fanfic) [SLOW UPDATES/EDITING]
    80.8K 2.6K 20

    No one knew she existed... that was until she was captured on a mission by Konoha nin. Read on to find out how the daughter of Uchiha Itachi moves forward in her father's beloved village to find her own way. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Everything belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo, minus the changes to th...

  • Kakashi Hatake - He's My Brother (A Naruto Fanfiction)
    255K 10K 39

    Miki Hatake is Konoha's Red Flash, Konoha's most promising ninja since the Yellow Flash himself, the Fourth Hokage. She's 13 years old and a high ranking anbu member, known for her speed, beauty, jutsus, and her bright red hair. Oh and her undeniably scary glare and obvious lack of patience. One day, when the Leaf Vil...

  • Scroll 1: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]
    1M 41.6K 30

    So this is a Naruto fanfic I've been working on for while.In this story we will follow my OC Rin Uchiha through her entire life, so from birth, through childhood, through the mesh with the first part of the actual manga/anime and then Shippuden. Disclaimer: I do own Rin and a quizilla user ShadowRose75 owns Suki tha...

  • Scroll 3: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]
    684K 27.2K 96

    You have watched her grow from a baby; you have watched her struggles and witnessed her losses. You have cried for her defeats and felt the pain from her life but you have also cheered for her victories, encouraged her strength and have been amazed by her power. So now my dear reader you have come to Scroll three to f...

  • The Truth that was kept Secret (Naruto fanfic)
    85.9K 3.2K 23

    Fuyu Namikaze, daughter of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. When she's five, the attack on the village by the Nine Tails happens and her parents are killed. For the six years after, she lived thinking that her brother who was yet to be born died too. When she meets Naruto Uzumaki, she starts to...

  • Scroll 2: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]
    1.5M 51.5K 70

    Now we move on with the life of Rin Uchiha. Her return to the village, her assignment to a team and the secret she must hide from everyone including Sasuke. Get prepared for a forrbiden love, new enemies and a developing sickess. Will Rin be able to hide her past from Sasuke? Or will tension finally break between the...

  • Torn Between Two (Obito Uchiha/OC/Kakashi Hatake Love Triangle) *EDITING*
    127K 6.5K 81

    She escaped her past after one traumatizing night, at least she thinks she did. Little does Hana know, that something dark is headed her way. What happens when she falls for not one, but two certain Team Seven boys? Also I am editing this now that this is complete. * means unedited.