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  • The New Teacher
    6K 208 5

    Ichigo is what his classmates call the quiet bad boy. He always gets into trouble in school, and he is the reason their old teacher quit. When he comes back to school from the Weekend he goes into his homeroom to see a different teacher. At first he was amused that his old teacher quit, but then saw his new teachers f...

  • Nothing You Can Do :: Grimmichi
    534 30 5

    *DISCONTINUED* Ichigo Kurosaki, a substitute Shinigami and a high school student, met an Arrancar called Grimmjow jaegerjaquez. Grimmjow had lost his memories after Nnoitra knocked him out and was given a gigai. The carrot head helped him and kept him in his house with his family. Time over time Kurosaki had developed...

  • Soul Eater Power Down
    36K 1.5K 10

    When there is a power outage in Death City, everyone gathers at Maka and Soul's place for a sleepover. COMPLETED Warning: This story sucks hate to say. Cringe x500. I wrote this last year and I liked to spam. Read at own risk. Edit: Please stop commenting about the spam I warned you all in advance!