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  • Weirdo [Lashton AU] (BoyxBoy)
    32 0 7

    "Ashton really was taking over Luke's brain. Luke didn't mind though, not at all." Luke, an angered soul, meets and not only falls for, but saves a troubled hazel-eyed boy named Ashton.

  • I Think I Love You (Lashton Fanfic)
    15.6K 647 27

    Luke Hemmings: Sweet, Caring, Outgoing, Hyper and so much more. He's the perfect boy to bring home to your parents. To get married to. To start a life with. He's quite the charmer. But not just anyone will win his heart. You have to be pretty darn special for him to even make a move. Ashton Irwin: Cute, Adorable, Shy...

  • Amnesia [Lashton AU] (BoyXBoy) Completed
    379 25 17

    I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Weightless (lashton au)
    645K 25.1K 65

    "What would you do if I jumped off this bridge, right in front of your eyes?" "I'd jump with you." ***(Ok I wrote this a while ago and it's so bad bUT ENJOY)***