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  • Chasing Ashton [ A Lashton Fanfic AU]
    2.4M 110K 33

    Luke is a narcissistic, cocky jock who never hears the word no. However, Ashton Irwin changes that and Luke doesn't like change. Ashton hates Luke, but Luke wants him and he always gets what he wants. With the constant rejection and pining, it soon turns into a game. A game of chasing Ashton. © 2014, Angie (larry_la...

  • Smile Again (Lashton AU)
    4.6M 183K 41

    ❝Why do you keep talking to me? I always ignore you.❞ ❝Because, I wanna make you smile again.❞ Where Luke moves and sees a boy named Ashton, alone and frowning, and all he wants to do is make him smile. [Warning: contains triggering events/actions.] © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • I Think I Love You (Lashton Fanfic)
    15.6K 647 27

    Luke Hemmings: Sweet, Caring, Outgoing, Hyper and so much more. He's the perfect boy to bring home to your parents. To get married to. To start a life with. He's quite the charmer. But not just anyone will win his heart. You have to be pretty darn special for him to even make a move. Ashton Irwin: Cute, Adorable, Shy...

  • Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyXBoy)
    359 25 17

    I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Weightless (lashton au)
    645K 25.1K 65

    "What would you do if I jumped off this bridge, right in front of your eyes?" "I'd jump with you." ***(Ok I wrote this a while ago and it's so bad bUT ENJOY)***