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  • The Long-Lost Memory ( EXO D.O Kyungsoo )
    76.3K 2.2K 31

    Tae Seo Young was eighteen years old when she auditioned for SM ENT. She began living her life as a kpoper and had been hoping to be the next idol to debut through SM ENT ever since she was 13. But as time passes, she realizes that things didn't turn out the way she expected because there are secrets for her to unrave...

  • Its You - D.O Kyungsoo
    11.5K 207 23

    A story about a young-adult girl name Park Yuri who was casted a spell by her parents for a hure reason, Yuri and her friend sierra moves to korea after graduation to stay at her brothers place with 6 good looking boys including her brother chanyeol, when she meets a doe eyed guy, they don't remember each other but ti...