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  • Immortal Love~ a Percy Jackson x reader
    17.2K 531 11

    Just a random Percy Jackson x reader I thought up! Hope you like it! ---disclaimer: Rick Riodian owns Percy Jackson, and you own you.--- Enjoy!

  • Don't you Dare [Soangelo]
    1.7K 74 2

    Maybe Nico was a bit different. At least, that's what he was told. Not being accepted, he ran off. Away from everyone and everything he didn't want. Especially the one he might of fallen for. No one saw it coming, not even Nico him self, falling for the exact opposite of you was a complete cliche. "I didn't want this...

  • The Lost Demigod (A Percy Jackson X Reader) [One]
    267K 7.5K 30

    You were just a normal girl waking down an ally in New York... The bad thing is that you are being chased by a manticore and you thought they have been scented in millennia, not even by the goddess Artemis. Find out what happens next.

  • Harry Potter x Reader (Editing NOW)
    281K 5.7K 27

    Harry Potter characters x Reader (you). If you have a request from a character like Ron Weasley, or Draco Malfoy I will gladly write it for you. I will also write out a Professor!Character x Reader or a Character x Professor!Reader... or a combination where you are both teachers. I'll write the generation of character...

  • Harry Potter x Reader↱VOL. 1
    1.3M 31.4K 75

    [closed and completed]

  • I'm a God, not a demigod (percy Jackson x reader)
    30.2K 928 4

    One day, one seemingly normal day, a certain God of Olympus, not saying who, decides to test the fellow gods and goddesses powers. He, yes he, proposes to see if all of them can create a god themselves. The others however, think it's impossible but decide to give it a try. After their first attempt, they didn't think...

  • Can't Wait to See You Again
    36.2K 990 24

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS. (Yet) Annabeth goes to Goode High where she will make friends, and fall in love. But her fatal mistake is never realizing that her friends can be just as important as her enemies...

  • Leave Out all the Rest [Two]
    33.4K 1.3K 26

    Its been a year and a half sense Luke Calestain died trying to protect you. What if Kronos finds a way to bring him back. Your left with a choice, stay with your boyfriend or let Annabeth have him... This is just the beginning for the life of this daughter of Apollo. Sequel to, "The Lost Demigod."