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  • Olicity: Kids in the Arrow cave
    369K 9.3K 47

    (AU but based off of canon...) Oliver and Felicity got married 4 years ago in secret. They've been hiding it from everyone they know. Now they know they cant hide it anymore. Felicity is pregnant. And a few bad guys may want the Arrows head. And they will go through anyone, even pregnant Felicity, to get it.

  • You Are My Girl (Olicity) - Finished
    716K 17.1K 66

    The story of Felicity and Oliver. A spirited IT girl and a playboy billionaire with a secret.

  • Somebody To Die For - An Olicity AU Fanfiction
    108K 2.5K 18

    Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy and future heir to Queen Consolidated. That's what the public thought of him. Then he joined the army and disappeared from the public eye. This wasn't like the Oliver Queen they knew. Five years later he returned, to his family, to his friends and to Starling City. Everything had cha...

  • Fifty Shades Dangerous
    2.7K 95 5

    Felicity Queen lost the love of her life by the unknown. That love left a hole in her heart that could only be filled with revenge. To do that, she has to take extreme measures that could possibly put the lives of her family and friends in danger. Will she take those chances and avenge her lost love or will she give u...

  • It's an Act (Olicity) - Finished
    201K 5.5K 23

    Felicity Smoak has to pose as Oliver's girlfriend in order to get some data. However, is this the beginning of something bigger? After admitting his feelings for Felicity, Oliver becomes more reserved. Was he joking? When a dangerous robbery occurs, Oliver might realize how precious his IT girl really is.

  • Hiding from the past
    29.3K 721 6

    Three years ago felicity and Oliver had a night, a magical drunkin night. They pretended that it never happened, but then felicity finds out she is pregnant and she runs, leaving team arrow and Oliver, but three years later she's back in starling city for her job. What happens when her job leads her to straight back t...