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  • assistant » jack gilinsky
    2.9M 70.7K 42

    "i'm your boss, not your friend." + lowercase intended highest rank: fanfiction #4

  • Adopted // Ethan Dolan
    4.6M 117K 45

    "You can't love me, i'm your brother!" "You're not my brother. You're my one true love!"

    84.3K 1.8K 3

    There’s something deadly creeping in the woods outside of the small, sleepy town of Willows. Something with eight legs, sharp fangs and a connection to a local man who died years ago. It needs to feed, and new-to-town Craig is about to find himself on the menu. From Amy Lukavics, author of DAUGHTERS UNTO DEVILS, comes...

  • Troubled.
    9.8M 339K 59

    I don't think you ever really know who you are, until you lose who you are. You don't know pain until the person you would give your life for plucks the pin off of the grenade, leaving you standing alone in an open battlefield. You don't know love until the source of your happiness leaves you weak and withering in ago...

  • Bullied by Magcon
    506K 10K 45

    Olivia is just a normal teenage girl. She moved from Arizona to North Carolina. When she gets to school things go bad... Bullies but they went any bullies MAGCON..Will that change?... Will she fall in love with any of her bullies?.. Find out

  • Anonymous || n.h
    14.5M 652K 82

    Who said twitter couldn't save lives? A Niall Horan fanfiction. || highest ranking in fanfictions: #1!!!!!!!!! ||

  • Kidnapped
    17.3K 588 12

    Three teenage boys are required to kidnap the beautiful Vanessa Castro from her home. They must protect her and prove to their leader that they are capable of anything. Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas must obey their leader Nash Grier to keep things sane and orderly but who will step out of line? Will a love triangle...

  • Claimed ~ Justin Bieber
    22.9M 435K 75

    "It is better to be feared than loved" Fanfiction #4 Teen Fiction #13 Copyright © 2013, JustinsAvenger

    Completed   Mature
  • We don't need words || n.h
    294K 14.9K 18

    "You're not much of a talker, huh?" Niall Horan a.u --updates every Friday--