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  • Treat Me Like Somebody
    556 22 5

    Milyn Montez is a fearless, unemotional, beautiful woman that goes by her street name, Miami. She will do anything to feel alive simply because she craves the feeling of being happy again. With all that's happened to her in her past, she's basically given up on love from anyone, even family. Read all about the life of...

  • Love, Lust, and Lies
    1.8K 78 7

    Have you ever been addicted to something? Have you ever had an urge that you just can't fight? 26-year-old Katherine James is young, black, and successful. Not too many men can resist her seductive charm. She normally ignores their constant attempts to get her attention but this one guy out bids them all. Katherine fi...

  • Fatal Attraction (On Hold)
    27.2K 1K 26

    Starting Senior year off with all the new clothes, hairstyles that's on point, and the guy that every girl would dream of having, Camilla Armstrong was the sassy and beautiful 17-year-old girl that most females either envied or befriend. She thought she had it made, considering the fact she was dating a older guy who...