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  • Love is War (TMNT/FNAF Leo X Reader X Raph)
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    You're a teenager who just got a job as a night guard at Turtle Titans' Pizza. You remember going there when you were a kid and watching the animatronics. But things have changed with the place. This story is on Quotev by Cookie (P.S. I'm too lazy to change the title and you'll understand if you have read the ending...

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    The moment you've ALLL been waiting for! The kids' extended book on how u raise them and how things go down!! They will still be in my HUSBAND SCENARIOS , but in this they get more adventures that I'm sure you will enjoy <3

  • \one shots/ what if Raphael had a son
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    okay so this is a what if Raphael had a son in TmntKiki's story one shots and if you feel like i'm steeling no this is a what if Raphael and You had a son named jack so I wondered what if jack and you were dating and Yes I know its confusing to to be dating jack and raph or leo or whatever so if you think I should...

  • Your Ninjas of the Night {FINISHED}
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    So here is what you all have been waiting for! It's not so much as a scenario through the whole book, it's like a mixture of one shots, with scenarios included. And you guys, including @AlmostTrueStories, have really made me love my ideas and characters I've created for you guys:) So let's get this started, and I'll...

  • What The Ninja!?
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    Erin Day is your normal teenage girl, well, was, normal. But then she met him, and her life changed for the better. And now friendships, and relationships are thrown to the test. "I love you." He breathed, stroking my blushing cheeks. "I have a deep regard for you as well." I chuckled, looking into his icy blue eyes...

  • #SWAG TMNT boyfriend scenarios
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    What if you were dating (your turtle),but #SWAG version? ~pictures by Hashiree~

  • tmnt reverse herem
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    this is based on @kikitmnt story you are basically a girl who is a witch and you used to live in a town called (magical towns name) you and your sisters moved to new York and live in a giant awesome! apartment then you meet the guys Andy Louie and Max but what happens when all of them fall in love with you I got this...

  • TMNT son scenario's
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    This book is about what is Splinter had a 5th son, leo Raph donnie and Mikey had there own sons while Karai and Shredder has a son. Hope you enjoy! Sorry I suck at writing this part.

  • TMNT (swag turtles) love story
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    this about a persons idea HASHIREE made this so its not me but I was think hmmmmm what would happen if a girl met them but didn't . . . mean to? who know you have to read to find out GOOD LUCK! oh and this is an au where they are not human and it takes in zoe 101 kay o...

  • Sexy pics of TMNT
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    I'm gunna show you really sexy pics of the ninja turtles,I might even draw sexy pics