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  • The adventures of the mystery bins girls:BOOK 1
    357 15 10

    In the mere future, cars have replaced.....BY RUBBISH BINS! Follow Kate Davies and her best friends Chloe Jenson and Mia Kate, as they drive around town fixing unsolved mysteries in there automobile bins!

  • The Other Way
    526 167 35

    》》My first ever Fantasy story I create.《《 There are some of us that can see that others cannot. And can do some magical things. Well, do you believe in Angels and other mythical creatures that once told us by our parents or in books? Well it is up to you if you will believe or not. Always remember. Even a difficult pr...

  • And She Fell
    4.4K 1.5K 16

    ©2017 by foreverfearful. All rights reserved. Cover credit: @31Tendai Highest Ranking: #45 in Mystery/Thriller Ayla Anderson has lived a fairly normal and simple life, that is, until she was pushed from her balcony, seven floors down. Ayla wakes up in the hospital, surviving only because she had missed the sidewalk by...

  • 200 Days.
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    My cover :). 200 Days ago an infectious, deadly plague flooded the world taking out most of the population in only the first week of it coming to light. This disease titled Morbus came from nowhere and in such a fast rush that no one could prepare for it. I sit in a small, society mostly comprised of students from the...

  • Flying Free
    362 52 10

    Droleon (dro-le-on) is a lost dragon. Very lost. He doesn't even remember where he came from. He only knows one thing, humans bad. He lives high in the mountains, isolated from everything and everyone. He prefers it that way. Until he feels a calling. One like the one that rages inside. The calling of love comfort, an...

  • 200 Days
    293 100 11

    Cover made by me! Like I did something! And it doesn't look bad!! Highest Ranking #916 in Science Fiction About 100 days ago the world ended, well the world we knew and grew up in ended. I am only 17, and one of the few survivors of the infectious Morbus Disease that has already plagued majority of the human populati...