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  • New World ⇝ Josh Klinghoffer [completed]
    25.8K 973 59

    ||COMPLETED ON 23rd APRIL 2017|| Violet is just an average 25 year old girl from Detroit, Michigan who lives in Los Angeles, California. But, one day she receives a chance to change her life, by touring with her favorite band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Hey guys, this is Violet Houston. She is going to tour with us a...

    Completed   Mature
  • only the lonely // josh klinghoffer
    22.5K 769 40

    story of a girl who fell in love with a shy musician.

  • transcending // anthony kiedis
    15.8K 1K 46

    Transcending tells the story of Sara, a Houston native who recently moves to California to get away from her home life. She meets a boy named Nat who becomes her best friend. While living her life in Venice Beach, she meets Anthony Kiedis and her life is changed forever. ~

    Completed   Mature
  • porcelain {anthony kiedis}
    1K 53 3

    anthony kiedis; aka; anthony -are you wasting away in your skin, are you missing the love of your kin, drifting and floating and fading away-

  • californication ☽ a.k
    4.9K 286 9

    "Hey Melody, where are you going?" My sister asked. "Away from the idiots." -------------------------------------------------- Melody Balzary, sister of Flea, waitresses at a bar 6 nights a week, her life is going nowhere until she meets Anthony Kiedis, a kind, loud man with a passion for music, just like her. Melody...

  • If You Want Me To Stay (A Red Hot Chili Peppers Fanfic)
    4.9K 162 8

    When Dani Rayne catches the eye of Anthony Kiedis, (lead singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers) will he be able to win her over? And if so will she be able to handle the topsy turvy roller coaster of a rockstar life? Join us in finding out in this thriller/romance.

  • The Boy With Blue Eyes {A Kurt Cobain Story}
    19.3K 1.2K 46

    How to describe the enigma that is Kurt Cobain... He's a mystery within a mystery. He's also my best friend. And here's my journey with him..

    Completed   Mature
  • Radio Killed The Radio Listener
    27.5K 1.5K 84

    Kurt's everything was quite specific. That day in the cramped car, it was almost too much. The glaze that fell over his eyes, the rote movement of his lips. they unsettle me, make me think of painted dolls, of Leila, of static. Of blankness. It was upsetting. Kurt was my inside out, my positive charge. But that day K...

  • Sappy
    41.7K 1.8K 49

  • Harry Potter Facebook Chats
    271K 19.3K 32

    Highest Ranking: 24 in #Facebook! 10/02/20 (I know, it's not super high, but I'm still proud) The harry potter gang is now on Facebook! And turns out...Heaven has pretty good wifi.

  • Drama Queen (Kurt Cobain)
    64.1K 2.8K 95

    Kurt and Courtney are toxic and divorcing. The fix it baby hasn't fixed it. Ruby moved to a new city, new beginnings, new friends. Will Kurt and Ruby's friendship turn into something more? Or will it all fall to an ill fate at the hand of a gun? (Nirvana with the healthy dose of Green Day) ((SUPER HECKIN CRINGE, WRI...

  • Love Buzz: A Kurt Cobain Fanfic
    25.9K 594 15

    Kurt Cobain fanfic

  • I saved Kurt Cobain?!
    744 38 3

    Marilyn finds herself in Kurt Cobains backyard a moment before he kills himself. she will save him?

  • The Rockstar Chronicles
    896K 29.3K 88

    Lindy Madison is just a normal, everyday teen. A normal, everyday teen who happens to have a stage mom and a famous brother, that is. When her brother is signed as part of an up and coming boy band, Lindy has no choice but to leave school and begin a new life on the road with her brother's band. As the days pass and t...

  • Kurt Cobain Facts
    34.8K 1.9K 44

    the title says it all the one and only king, kurt cobain just like a king used to say, if you are a racist or a homophobe, don't buy their albums and also don't read this book.

  • 365 Reasons To Be Happy //în curs de traducere\\
    209K 18K 126

    365 de motive să fii fericit.