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  • One For The Shot
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    One For The Shot is an interactive book to help aspiring and practicing authors develop their writing skills. It focuses on building idea development, organization, voice, sentence fluency, and much more. The only way to become a top performing writer is to stop perfectionism and practice one piece at a time. As Richa...

  • A List of Appropriate Islamic Fiction
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    This is a compilation I am making of the Islamic fiction available on Wattpad of which I find mostly appropriate. There is a large variety of fiction on Wattpad claiming to be "Islamic," but not so many of them actually are. I am extremely careful regarding the material I read on Wattpad, and I only choose books I fin...

  • Ask, We Answer
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    Welcome. In this book we will answer frequently asked questions about Muslims, and any question- yes ANY- you ask. All information given in here will have its proof, references, and full explanation. THERE WILL BE NO BIAS. IN THE END YOU WILL DECIDE WHAT A MUSLIM IS AND WHAT ISLAM IS. LET YOUR QUESTIONS BE ANSWER...