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  • Tampons |Narry|
    77.7K 4.8K 31

    Where Harry goes to buy his girlfriend some tampons, but finds something else he didn't know he needed. "Why does everyone think I'm gay?!" "Because you are."

  • Jealous ✔ [Completed]
    379K 13.3K 49

    Niall and Harry Text eachother More than Ever... They are just playing around acting like a couple... Then why does Niall gets jealous every time other band member gets close to harry. Sorry, I suck at descriptions. hope you enjoy My Book ☺ I wrote this book long time ago so please ignore my grammer mistakes hahah...

  • Something Great (Narry)
    170K 7.3K 41

    My name is Harry, I'm nearly 20 years old, and I've never had to work a day in my life. Which is probably why the only job I could get is washing dishes.

  • Sugar, Sugar » NARRY
    211K 11K 46

    Sugar Daddy, Harry Styles, begins to have actual feelings for his Sugar Baby, Niall Horan. Everyone disapproves of their relationship. And when real feelings come into play, for lack of a better term, shit goes down.

  • Sext Me [LiLo]
    3.3M 163K 99

    "Well, they do say that the most innocent ones are the kinkiest." Or the one where texting the wrong person was one of the best and the worst mistakes Liam Payne made.

  • wonderstruck ➳ lilo
    70.6K 3.5K 11

    ❝i am in fact straight liam.❞ ❝you sure about that?❞ ❝positive.❞ louis has a crush on the captain of the football team; liam. liam some how knows, and enjoys teasing louis about it until he surprisingly catches feelings for louis too. © heavenharry 2015

  • Unknown Number - Lilo Paynlinson (boyxboy)
    59.8K 4K 55

    a story where a few numbers get mixed up and a lot of things happen following that.

  • compliments ✧ narry
    41.1K 3.1K 21

    "you can compliment people without being attracted to them." "well you have really nice lips." -

  • Narry Me. [Book 2]
    935K 8.3K 49

    Now that Liam and Louis are finally together, Niall starts to notice how sad and lonely Harry is becoming. What he doesn't notice though, is thatt he is hiding a secret. Something that'll change his and Harry's friendship probably forever. And he wonders whether he could change Harrys mind about his feeling for Louis...

  • narry one-shots
    235K 6.4K 129

    a book filled with smut, fluff, angst, and heartbreak. [ top!niall, bottom!harry ] credit to ao3 authors for most of these. AO3 AUTHORS: if i have posted one of your one-shots and you do not feel comfortable with it, please message me and i will take it down. [started: may 1st, 2015] [completed: --]

  • Body Say |n.s|
    47.2K 2.7K 18

    The one in which Niall is dating Gemma but he somehow hooks up with Harry a lot. #894 in Fan Fiction.

  • The Unexpected [NARRY]
    769K 23.2K 41

    [#210 in FAN FICTION] Niall is a high school student, and Harry is his math teacher. [THIS STORY DEALS WITH EATING DISORDERS, SELF HARM, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, AND MENTION OF RAPE. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING.] All Rights Reserved © fxckthat [cover by HunterMay18]

  • Playing Hearts (Narry/LiLo)
    4.4K 331 3

    Best friends Niall and Louis work at a music shop together teaching music lessons. Harry, who already is a natural at playing guitar, goes to lessons because of his attractive instructor. Louis' student, Liam, is always putting himself down and Louis wants Liam to know that he's more remarkable than he gives himself...

  • Control
    533K 20.6K 43

    How can something that started off so beautiful, fall so far? *This is a Narry/Lilo boyxboy story* Cover credit: @Narrybuddy

  • The Runner ➳ Narry (Book One)
    221K 9.9K 53

    "So what, then? You're a drug dealer?" "Something like that." #3 in Narry -- Book One WARNING: illegal substances/alcohol, sexual content, violence, foul language READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Copyright All Rights Reserved ©

    Completed   Mature
  • Bodyguard [narry]
    201K 8.5K 34

    Harry is famous. Someone wants him dead. Will Niall be able to protect him ? Ps: there are so many mistakes. I wrote this a while ago and I wasn't really good with grammar and tenses. Maybe one day, I'll have time and courage to correct this story. Thanks for understanding. -xx 01.04.17

  • maybe someday ☾narry
    79.5K 1.2K 9

    "I got a joke!" "oh my god" "Oh come on." "Fine." - "Jesus Christ why am I friends with you"

  • Picked [Narry]
    330K 13.9K 19

    "Why did Harry Styles, the biggest man on the planet, choose the tiny, good-for-nothing Irishman?" // © 2014 louisbacon [fanfiction #58]

  • A Lot Of Love Hate - A Lilo/Narry fanfic:
    2M 30.4K 52

    Why did I have to fall for Louis? He's a total nightmare to begin with, we drive each other completely insane. I hate how my entire life now revolves around him, and the fact that he's my next door neighbour probably doesn't help anything.

    Completed   Mature
  • euphoria. | taekook [COMPLETED]
    73.5K 4.7K 24

    if he claimed he were his euphoria then why did he leave? [in which two boys meet through a random number and things start to take a turn for the worst.] [completed]

  • suicidal • narry storan fanfic
    95.5K 2.6K 8

    One Direction is bigger and better than ever, though with all the die-hard fans, there's bound to be some die-hard haters. Bullies tend to target the weak, the sensitive, and this was no exception - the haters targeted the weak; they targeted Niall. Niall was the only one that was ever actually bothered by hate, and s...

  • Decode
    12.9M 342K 41

    My thoughts you can't decode.. Sequel : Escape Route.

  • Nerd Alert! [Narcel]
    388K 20.7K 26

    [COMPLETED] Marcel Styles is not your average nerd. And Niall Horan is definitely not your average punk bad boy. And the two completely opposite lads learn the true meaning of the famous saying, ❝don't judge a book by it's cover,❞ when they get partnered up for an ordinary project that changes their lives forever. Gra...

  • Forgotten Boys > Narry AU
    121K 7K 30

    Sequel to Wild Boys would you do it, relive a summer love with the one person you love but can't remember? [ narry twins au ]

  • Written In Our Stars *Narry*
    1M 21.7K 62

    When fate brings them together, can reality tear them apart? Narry - boyxboy. My first attempt at this kind of thing and I'm excited!

  • Lost Boys // Narry AU
    33.4K 2.1K 16

    - Book 3 from the Wild Boys series - If it's love, they'll find their way back to each other, no matter how lost they were before that.

  • Larry? I think you mean Narry.
    705K 10.9K 37

    Harry Edward Styles + Niall James Horan = Narry Storan, god i feel like a 14 year old girl, but i do like the sound of that, Narry? Hmm, If only Niall James Horan knew how much I, Harry Edward Styles, was in love with him. Would things change? would he hate me? would he love me? I dont know, and im scared to find out...

  • The Perfect Storm (Narry & Lilo One Direction fan fiction)**COMPLETED**
    85.3K 1.1K 19

    The boys need to get away. They are trying to write the new single of the sophomore album. The decided they needed quiet. They are at a cabin by the ocean. As they're writing a storm warning comes on. There is a hurricane coming their way. When they try to leave, Paul informs then that it's too late to leave, so the b...

  • Unnoticed (Narry)
    174K 9.6K 32

    "Are you going to stand there all day? Hurry up and open the diner, Neil," Harry firmly said. Oh, I forgot. I might have a little crush on the guy who can't pronounce my name properly after working with for a year and a half.

    Completed   Mature
  • Help (Narry Storan)
    225K 7.3K 26

    The life of the boys of One Direction are perfect, for all except one. And Harry finds that he wants to help this one broken member of their band, but what if help isn't an option?