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  • Don't Forget About Us (The Sequel to Who Would've Thought)
    16.4K 548 41

    Angel is, yet again, faced with complicated circumstances. Her first love, Jason has been killed. She can't remember her devoted second love, Phil, nor her new friends. Will she be able to move forward or will she be stuck in the past?

  • Tattooed Heart (CM Punk WWE)
    543 5 1

    CM Punk Falls In Love with A total stranger at love at first sight but she's been hurt so much she doesn't give him her heart he tries everything to no prevail but when he helps heal her tattooed heart will his heart be tattooed and be hers forever coming next week

  • Who Would've Thought (WWE CM Punk story)
    31.3K 908 34

    Angel is a pretty, ordinary, young woman who is faced with an extraordinary situation. She, along with her best friend, Sansha love World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). They attend Monday Night Raw and that one night changed their lives forever. What will they encounter on their journey? Love? Hope? Happiness? Peace...

  • Is He The One? (A CM Punk Love Story)
    69.2K 1.1K 56

    *I wrote this in like middle school. People seem to like it so I'm leaving it up.* Katherine is new to the WWE. She os friends with The Miz who helped her get the job. She meets CM Punk and they instantly become close. She falls for him and one thing leads to another. She becomes friends with most everyone backstage a...

  • Tweeting with a twitter fake (cm punk)
    13.7K 436 32

    What happens when levi feels invisible so she makes a fake twitter, will cm punk fall for the real or the fake will levi get caught out will the truth be found out,whill levi get help what is levi hiding. Will there be happiness or tears read to find out

  • Dropping Pipebombs on my Heart
    428 24 2

    Lexi and Cm punk are best friends. Nothing more nothing less...too him. Lexi is madly in love with him. But there's two things wrong with that. 1: Punk already has a girlfriend (lita) and 2: She has no idea how he feels about her other than being best friends. Will Lexi's crush on punk go away, will relationships chan...

  • Tattoed on my heart (cm punk)
    24.4K 411 34

    My dream was to hold every women's title known I have except one will I get the chance to live my dream or will a certain guy who is the best in the world do something to put it on hold.

  • hurts so bad ➳ cmpunk (on hold)
    5.2K 107 19

    [ DISCONTINUED ] "whats your problem?" "you." "me. why?" "seeing you and another girl hurts." "hurts so bad" copyright © _jccaylen // arianna

  • Be mine::A cm punk love story
    3.4K 80 7

    Cm punk is currently a WWE superstar and loses his WWE championship and his girlfriend Aj to Dean Ambrose.He thought his life was over until a new diva joins the WWE roster.He can't stop thinking about her.She has her eye on someone though and that someone is Dean Ambrose.He starts dating her and Aj at the same time.E...