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  • Who I Am
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    Laney and Larry are hidding pretty big secrets from their bands. They want to come clean but are afraid of their reactions. ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Story contains transgender laney and Larry ALSO Twin laney and Larry

  • TDPI middle school love
    3.1K 120 12

    We look into the preteen lifestyle and soon they learn life and meet the other cast members. (≧∇≦)/

  • Merida Lazuli { A Total Drama Fanfiction }
    3.2K 82 6

    As the camera lenses focused, a teenage girl, about 16, came into view, sitting on her bed Indian style, and smiling at the camera. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, and her blue eyes sparkled with joy. She thought for a moment, and started, "Hello, name's Merida Lazuli, and I prefer to go simply by Merida...

  • Total Drama: All Stars 2
    16.9K 392 20

    In this new season of Total Drama, 24 losers return to face off for 1. Million. Dollars! Join Courtney, Trent, Noah, Cody, Sierra, Scott, Dawn, Topher, Samey, Ella, Rodney, Dave, Staci, Lindsay and so many more old contestants in the most dramatic season of Total Drama ever!

  • Imprisioned - A Nemma Fanfic
    1.7K 94 12

    "Deal." It's not a normal day, or should I say night, and everybody could feel it. It was silent outside, all that could be herd were the buzzing of the neon signs, the banging of the chains, and the slamming of the rusty iron bars. Completely In-Normal. It's Emma's birthday, and when she won't stop going to sleep...

  • Total drama their kids!!
    4.1K 142 31

    When your favorite total drama characters kids compete! P.s. I don't own total drama!!

  • Total drama " don middle school and McLean high!"
    378 19 8

    Dons middle school and McLean high are to schools for total drama characters! There will be a contest to go there! Only ten fans can win, but they will be aloud to bring a guest! Per school! So thirty fans in all! Plus all td students except, ezikal! So sign up! And join the class! P.s. I only own Maddie,Jenny,Chloe,a...

  • Dare the grojmens!
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    Dare us

  • Total Drama: Worldwide Encounter (DISCONTINUED)
    1.4K 87 19

    Total Drama's season finally. Where all of your favorite characters will be. Especially some new ones. WARNING! I don't own any of the image on the story or anything of Total Drama. Don't like it, then don't read it. Like it, see more. THANX XOX!!! Some images and Total Drama cover made by YukikoOtonashii.

  • Slip Away
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    Laney has a secret and she's not sure how long she can keep it from her best buds anymore. Especially Corey, and she really can't keep it from him much longer, but she just doesn't want to face it. *This is a Grojband one shot fan fiction. And I wanted to let you know that in this story they are supposed to be 15*

  • Corney (on hold)
    613 21 2

    Laney Penn, the new girl in peaceville with 11 sisters and brother and well she is the oldest! She arrived at peaceville and Corey Riffin and his family are her next door neighbours and the funny thing, Corey and Laney start to like eachother. What will happen? Will there be heart brakes?

  • RiffPenn
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  • Ask and Dare Dipper Pines!
    2.2K 99 21

    Here you can ask Dipper weird questions and some challenging dares. Go for it! xxfallerforlyfxx Credits to: ParkMicaa for the cover c:

  • Starting It Up Again
    1.9K 65 8

    The Pahkitew Island contestants are back for another season on an unknown island. Dave and Sky are growing further apart no matter how much Dave tries to get them back together, Jasmine and Shawn are getting closer, Topher nearly succeeds in his attempts to become the new host of Total Drama and Max and Scarlett take...

  • Groj Beach Movie
    1.5K 50 7

    Things for Grojband were the same until a dangerous amp electric shock magically transports Corey and Laney inside the classic '60s beach party flick, Wet Side Story, where a full-blown rivalry between bikers and surfers threatens to erupt. There, amidst a sea of surfing, singing and dancing, Corey and Laney accidenta...

  • Ask or Dare Gravity Falls
    38.9K 1.2K 57

    Ask or dare any Gravity Falls characters, or me, or anyone in the story! Just post a comment, and I will try to get your ideas in! You can even be in the story! Just tell me what you want to be called, and if you are a boy or girl! And if you want, who you want to be shipped with!

  • Starbucks Love - A Nemma Fanfic
    1.2K 48 6

    THE FIRST EVER NEMMA FANFIC!!! It's almost a cliche, but to these two know-it-alls, it's a simple game of war! Noah's been distracted a little lately, so when in Hawaii, he comes upon a local Starbucks. He loved their coffee, so he figured he'd stop by! But, he's not the only one with an addiction! Emma needs a br...

  • A girl like him( a Laney story)
    2.8K 183 11

    Laney is a girl who is only 6 years old. She hears people say mean things about her. She didn't want any of this to happen. She just wishes she was a normal kid. But she hears voices in her head. She blacks out from time to time, not knowing what happened. Her mom and dad wishes she was normal too. But until then, the...

  • Accidental kiss
    1.7K 97 5

    When Laney see's Corey and her BFF Madeline kiss, she thinks they meant to kiss when it was an accident. Laney is heartbroken, and flees to the most dangerous part of PeaceVille. Will her friends risk their lives to save their friend, or will they be too late?. NO DEATH BUT MAYBE NEAR DEATH!

  • Grojband dares
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    Send me your dares for my book (just let them be appropriate) Rock on!

  • Ask Or Dare Marco Diaz!
    6.7K 352 6

    Ask/Dare Marco from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil!!

  • All You Need is Cake (Newmans Version)
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    A little "What-If" one-shot between Carrie and Lenny of The Newmans. What if The Newmans nab the opportunity to play at the wedding. Also, what if this gives Lenny a chance to tell Carrie how he feels about her? Will he succeed, or will their love tear apart the band? Read and find out! I do not own Grojband!

  • Shopping For Love - A Nemma Fanfic
    2.8K 83 10

    "Why arn't they together?" "It's Emma, she's still getting over her last breakup." "Still fresh?" "No, it was three years ago!" - The gang is now in Dubi, Owen and Noah are now in first, and Emma, Kitty, Noah, and Owen decide to celebrate by going to the mall, where Don says, "Even teens get lost in!" Everybody ne...

  • Total Drama Pahkitew Prom Disaster! (In Progress)
    4.1K 96 23

    The fourteen contestants, who have competed in Total Drama Pahkitew Island, have been invited to a formal annual event a month after the season ended! Once everyone have attended to the annual prom reunion, hosted by Mike and Zoey, they're about to share a traumatic moment! Almost as traumatizing as their experience o...

  • Dare and Ask Steven Universe and Gravity Falls!
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    ×× discontinued. ××

  • truth or dare :tdpi addtion
    1.6K 57 6

    ask the charaters of total drama pahtikew island to do a yruth or a dare