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  • Superman
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    ****DISCLAIMER this fan fiction in no way demonstrates the behavior, actions, or relations of the real Marshall Mathers apart from appearance.

    Completed   Mature
  • Marshall Mathers Imagines
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    *** Pretty self explanatory if I should say so myself, if not: YOU suggest a plot, I write a chapter! A bunch of small Eminem Imagines pushed into one! ***

  • Eminem Imagines
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    This is really a way to come up with crazy ideas about Marshall. And not have them go in order, so I can write them as they come on. This book was finished a while ago. As of now, it serves as my rant book. I post story updates, news about Eminem, news about my account, and the bashing of different Wattpad users. R...

  • Survival
    44.3K 1.4K 30

    Cara Ward has always been alone. Growing up in a rough area as an orphan with a young life filled with sadness, there has only been one thing that ever kept her going. Music. The music of rap star Eminem inspired and motivated her. When life got tough, it helped her to vent. When one unlucky night goes terrible wron...

  • My protecter
    6.6K 199 5

    Eminem fan fiction. A girl who grew up in a broken home gets thrown out by her abusive father and while on the streets she finds someone who cares for her and protects her.

  • Partners in Crime [ Eminem x Reader ]
    338 15 1

    As modern day Bonnie and Clyde tear their way through the United States, the local police are always one step behind lovers. As the Spoiled Royalty tears their way through The United States gaining more and more notoriety, the law becomes more and more desperate to take them down. But there's one problem - this couple...

  • Rapgod
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    No wonder dad gave me weird looks whenever I caressed my posters......

  • Messages I'll Never Send...
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    It's all in the title. Enjoy.

  • Mockingbird - Eminem [DISCONTINUED]
    15.3K 755 17

    Katherine Pike is a bright eight year old girl with gold curls and dark blue eyes. One harsh winter day, her abusive father get so fed up with her that he tosses her to the streets, draped in nothing but an old t-shirt that reached a few inches past her knees. Forced to trek through the harsh snow, ice and wind, young...

  • 𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐌 || Imagines
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    How far can the mind go to make the perfect fantasies? I have no idea, but I hope someday I figure it out. 06/19/18 ➤ #3 in Slim Shady ➤ #7 in Marshall Mathers Nowadays_ © 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Eminem x shy/ depressed reader My Best Friend Eminem
    5.8K 127 10

    You just moved to Detroit from L.A and your a HUGE fan of eminem. On your first day of school you were running late until you bumped into someone This is a friendship kind of story no romance between you and Eminem but if you want me to comment on this story :3 I'll be making more x readers soon

  • Eminem x Reader One-Shots
    189K 3.5K 25

    One shots. Requests open!

  • Eminem Imagines- Stormtail's Edition
    13.9K 289 7

    It's every Stan's dream to be close to their hero, Marshall Mathers. Unfortunately, that's nearly impossible due to his towering fame. So I have the next best thing... From the rough streets of Eight Mile road, to the highest end VIP clubs, follow this series of oneshots featuring Eminem and (y/n). Each chapter holds...

  • The Next Mile (Eminem Fan-Fic)
    94.3K 1.9K 25

    "If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment. Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?" My first story ever, so please be nice :) Sorry if it sucks.

  • I Will Always Be By Your Side(Eminem FanFiction)
    253K 4.6K 107

    Helena Lopez was a former actress but was putting that aside for her other passion. Singing. Helena gets signed to Interscope and along the way learns new things not only about herself, family but also of her one true love... Marshall Mathers. This story goes along their journey in love and family. Helena and Marshall...

  • Eminem Imagines!
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    Just some imagines I came up with! Please make requests! :-D

  • Eminem Imagines
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    {Marshall keeps my head up} |Now Complete| 9/5/2015-2/24/2016

    93.1K 2.3K 51

    "Marshall?" "Please. I didn't know where else to go." McKayla Watson finds herself 'happily' married with a baby of her own. She's found her way past her shadowed past in Detroit Michigan and in the rainy place of London. Only when her childhood friend calls for desperate help, does her life truly change for the best...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wait, what? Me and Eminem?! (An Eminem Fan-Fiction) *Completed*
    1M 14.7K 57

    Adrienne Griffin, better known as Dri, resides and works in the small town of Warren, Michigan. Safety is something to always consider when going out and about, especially at night. When an incident leads to a decision making, Dri makes the wrong one and ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who else to find h...

  • In His Arms (Eminem Fan Fiction) 1 of 2
    113K 3.1K 60

    Dayanara is living in a small two bedroom with her daughter Jane in the depths of Detroit. She's searching for love after her ex-boyfriend left her, and was never heard from again. One day, when Dayanara goes to a going away party with her best friend, she locks eyes with one of the most popular guys to live in the De...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unexpected Encounter (An Eminem Fan Fiction)
    433K 11.4K 98

    "I felt a hand swiftly make reach for my arm. I jumped badly as soon as it grasped me, me fixing my attention on who had just done that. 'Yo, who the f*ck is that guy? He causing you trouble?' I answered back to the dark-faced man, my heart racing. 'Some creep. I need to get out of here without being caught,' I spoke...

  • Please Be Mine~GTA V Trikey FanFic
    11.3K 230 9

    Michael never considered himself as gay or anything, but someone changed those feelings for him. Trevor. Trevor Philips. From the first time they met, Michael knew he was gay. It was like another kind of love, Michael needed him, but it's not possible. Michael is married to Amanda who he loves deeply, and he has two k...

  • Bully characters x reader (oneshots)
    186K 2.6K 49

    (Temporarily on hold. I'm working on one atm but kinda have no free time and some writers block) REQUEST ARE CLOSED (I got a lot of requests rn so please be patient and they'll be back open before you know it 😅) A collection of one shots based off of Rockstars video game Bully. Original Stories. 1st person p.o.v...

    Completed   Mature
  • Complete ?
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    *Discontinued * yet complete? I don't know pls forgive

  • Bully - Gary Smith X Reader (The Sociopath has Changed)
    74.2K 1.8K 47

    A new girl such as yourself or Daddy's little girl as people say when you show up at Bullworth Academy. Your parents have quite a bit of money and they don't like to share it either especially your Father. And as for your Mother she is always trying to find a perfect match for you but she doesn't know that a Sociopath...

  • The Keeper of Flame and the Master of Ice (Sub-Zero x Reader)
    36.8K 1.2K 15

    The Tengu and the Lin Kuei were enemies, but when the opportunity to make peace between the two clans presents itself there's also the grief of your cousin. As your family plans her engagement to Kuai Liang, she turns to you for help and you're her last hope to prevent it. But what does the future have in store for y...

  • What I Thought was Love
    29.6K 390 20

    A Sub-Zero and Kitana fanfiction right after MKX, Kitana has to regain her honor after what she did and who better to assist her than Sub-Zero!

  • Captured Creation (Yandere Male x Reader)
    261K 13.8K 54

    Finally graduated from college at the age of twenty, (F/N) (L/N) attains her dream job at a famous toy store. Enchantment and beauty await her, but what happens when she meets a rather quiet man in the store one day? She knows this man isn't the store's owner, so who is he? Moreover, why does he visit the store almost...

  • Mortal kombat x reader lemon
    63.7K 710 22

    its all in the title Rated (M) for me

  • Mortal Kombat: Lemons
    76.9K 876 13

    This is my lemons to mortal kombat. You may request!