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  • Love Lasts
    7.4K 278 12

    Carmilla and Laura AU Carm is still a vampire and all, but Silas doesn't exist, and she and Laura meet through LaFerry. some kind of a plot. fluff. smut. what more can the human mind desire?

  • A Christmas Horror: Turn Miracle
    4.2K 173 10

    Laura and Carmilla have Perry, Lafontaine and Kirsch in common as friends but are arch-nemesis' from their school days. The two get caught under the mistletoe at Perry and Lafontaine's party and things happen.

    Completed   Mature
  • Diary of a Vampire
    15.2K 518 31

  • No Matter How Dark It May Be, There Is Redemption
    32.7K 1K 16

    Set after the Christmas special, Laura's father takes the group back to the house. Lafontaine, Perry, Danny, Kirsh, J.P., and a new ally help Carmilla and Laura as plans unfold about how to deal with lophiiformes. Laura finds out secrets her father has been hiding from her. Carmilla and Laura continue to explore their...

  • When It All Began
    3.1K 104 3

    Well, this is my first fan fic... so I mean don't judge me. But comments and questions and all that are very welcome. So yeah. Carmilla fan fic just about Carmilla and Laura and all that.

  • Don't Forget To Remember Me
    59.5K 2.3K 13

    After a run-in with a witch, Carmilla returns missing memories from the past fifteen years -- including memories of Laura. As Laura struggles to piece together what happened to Carmilla, Carmilla finds herself slowly falling for this girl from her future.

  • Carmilla: The Dean's Daughter
    7.5K 233 10

    Laura and the gang return to Silas as sophomores and are forced to make some sacrifices for who they love. Love Will Have Its Sacrifices.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Left To Lose
    35.5K 962 16

    Starts off a little before the Christmas special and continues throughout Laura's second year at Silas, where lophiiformes begins making bigger plans.

  • Our Little Secret
    25.9K 670 8

    Elise and Natasha have been spending a lot of time together and soon start to realize their true feelings for each other. But neither of them can seem to admit it. Are they scared? Is what they're feeling real? They'll soon find out as they almost lose each other for good. (Just a little Negovanman fanfic)

  • Hollstein One Shots
    75.8K 1.7K 11

    Hollstein one shots! A good mix between fluff, angst, and smut! Enjoy!!!

  • Hidden Tattoo
    6.6K 81 2

    so I saw this fanfic on tumblr and decided to put it on wattpad. I do not own any of this. so the thought of Laura with a tattoo not visible to anyone who sees her in normal clothing sparked my interest. Carmilla seeing it as Laura changing sparked my interests way more.

  • The Non-PG Kiss
    336 9 1

    Filling in the gap between "Race you!" and "Good morning, everyone!"

  • Hollstein
    231K 6.1K 89

    collection of hollstein one shots

  • Gratitude
    5.2K 155 10

    Years ago Carmilla was the slightly older daughter of Laura's abusive foster mother. Laura never got to thank her for what she did that day, now she might finally get that chance. Will try to post multiple times a week.

  • babysitting
    1.5K 57 1

    a hollstein fanfic imagine your OTP babysitting a friend's baby and one or both of them are inexperienced with children. this shorty is about Laura and Carmilla babysitting Laura's cousins. if you want to see how this ends you should check it out and read the story. I don't own any of this stuff the credits go to http...

  • steal your clothes
    1.8K 66 1

    Laura gets a new pair of Pj pants that Carmilla really likes

  • Its been a while cupcake
    8.8K 167 4

    in this story Laura dying and in each life she falls in love with Carmilla. Laura wasn't turned she stayed human, aged, died. let her die, not live as a demon. no one wanted her to become a demon. they made most of their years though, her and Carmilla. no matter how long she lived, they were together. Carmilla would...

  • Smile For Me
    6.1K 198 6

    A new roommate? Well it can't be all that bad, you hate being in this dorm room by yourself anyway... but when mystery roommate does pop up she's not all that you've chalked her out to be in your mind. There isn't any movie nights, like you had with Betty. She doesn't follow the chore wheel, and she'll hardly speak to...

  • Carmilla: Young Blood
    1.3K 55 8

    Love has it's sacrifices. A Person comes to Carmilla and Laura saying the light is out looking for revenge and the only way to stop it's rage is to turn Laura into a vampire. But will it be enough? and is there a new threat to Silas University. Theme song: 8Dawn- This is why i was born Link to Theme song: https://ww...

  • Carmilla
    24.1K 567 15

    Random scenarios between Carmilla and Laura.