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  • Sir Pleasure [Zustin Mieber AU] {Discontinued}
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    DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: 5/7/16 "I'm a sex therapist, not a marriage counselor. I don't want to hear about your trust issues. I don't care if your husband cheated on you and I certainly don't want to know about how in or out of love you are. You want to know what I want to hear from you? Your sex life. I w...

  • Twinning (A Taylor Swift Fanfiction)
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    Elena West has always known she was adopted. And she's always known she looks exactly like her idol, Taylor Swift. And she's always felt like there's something missing. But could it be a twin? Could Elena have a twin? And could that twin be the famous Taylor Swift?

  • Taylor Swift Song Lyrics❤ ✔️
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    Taylor Swift Fearless Speak Now Red 1989. Extras: Taylor Swift Holiday Collections. «all rights reserved. These songs aren't mine, they belong to Taylor Swift.» COPYRIGHT © 2014, sparks_fly22 PUBLISHED: June 12, 2014 COMPLETED: March 2, 2017 REACHED 300K: March 16, 2017 REACHED 5K VOTES: June 22, 2017

  • Songtexte (1D, Little Mix, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift(1.1)
    73.1K 385 103

    Songtexte von Englisch nach Deutsch.

  • Wonderland
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    Its all fun and games till somebody loses their mind.

  • Little Mix Facts
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    FACTS DESPRE LITTLE MIX ! /04.03.2014/ #1 - Altele

  • We Are Who We Are // Little Mix a.u. fiction
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    I wrote this when I was 13 and finished when I was 16, so you know what to expect!!! This is actually very entertaining!!!!!

  • Falling for B (Beyonce & Rihanna fanfic) GxG (Lesbian Stories)
    43.1K 766 12

    Rihanna and Beyonce's love story from the beginning.

  • Harry and The Homeless Girl (A Harry Styles and Beyonce Knowles Story)
    66.7K 1.8K 95

    Harry Styles and One Direction always like to help those in need. Harry accidentally encounters Beyonce Knowles, a homeless girl living on the streets. There's a lot of suprises and excitement. Join me as I take you on a journey with Harry, Beyonce, One Direction, Dove Cameron, Luke Hemmings, Arianna Grande, Justin Bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • On the Run A Beyonce and Jay z FanFic
    47.9K 755 12

    Beyonce and Jay z have everything: success, fame, a daughter, and a perfect marriage. Anyone would kill for their life, but what happens when Kanye's girlfriend (Kim Kardashian) takes that saying too far?

  • Wanted » Beyoncé
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    [E D I T I N G] [S L O W U P D A T E S] "Dont Fall In Love With Him." Thats what she told me. I knew I should have listened to her. But I couldnt help myself. He was the first guy i've ever fell in love with. He made me laugh, smile & made me feel wanted. I wish I never met him... This would have never happened. *** ...

  • The love of beyonce and jayz
    33.6K 807 55

    This story is about Beyonce and Jayz with there love sex and drama life's and ups and downs and beyonce and jay starts to date will there dating process be easy or will she have to diss jay. will rihanna get to crazy .will bey get pregnant is jayonce meant to be rwill jay cheat . will jay have a mistress . with there...

  • Adopted » Beyonce
    109K 2.9K 20

    [E D I T I N G] [C O M P L E T E] One of the worlds more famous celebrity couple Beyonce & Jay Z. Adopt twin girls who have been hiding secrets from them. The type of secrets that you thought were a myth. Read this story and find out what those secrets are, and how they effect The Carter Family. *** (C)opy right 2013...

  • Switch Bodies With Beyonce, A Chris Brown,Beyonce, Jay-z Story(Under Editing)
    93.7K 2.1K 20

    The Story of a young girl who thinks nothing is great in her life. When she looks at her Idol Beyonce she wish she could be like her. Sometimes be carful what you wish for! (EDITING IN PROCESS!!!)

  • Beyonce's Daughter
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    My momma work all day. No sleep, no relaxation, and definitely no time to slack. From show to show she rehearses and edits her music. My momma a true definition of a hard-working woman.

  • Life of Beyonce's Kids
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    After the divorce, Beyonce is a single mom to 16 year old twins Blue Ivy and Chaz Knowles. They head into their first year of high school and experience drama, love, and secrets.

  • Snowed In With You - Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
    98.4K 3.7K 22

    Harry Styles is thankful when Taylor Swift offers for him to stay with her for a couple of days due to his car getting stuck in a snowstorm, but spending eight days goofing around and doing Christmas activities can really bring two people together... They could even fall in love.

  • Scars (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift)
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    I run my fingers over my scars that still haven't faded away completely. "Someday everything will work out. I promise. But until then we have to stay strong." "But I can't loose you." "And you won't. You will just have to wait." He nods and we press out lips together for the last time for awhile. "I love you ok?" "I l...

  • Adopted by Beyonce #Wattys2016
    171K 6.3K 39

    Imani Johnson 13 yrs. old girl and Kacey Johnson 6 yrs. old are sisters who ran away from the foster home that treated them badly. They are now alone homeless on the streets of New York. Until one day Kacey notices cameras flashing when she wandered away from Imani. She finally sees who it is one of Imani's inspirat...

  • Taylor Swift Quotes
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    Quotes from the one and only amazing Taylor Alison Swift herself.

  • My 'Swifty' Life [Taylor Swift/One Direction]
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    One of the world's youngest and successful country singer, Taylor Alison Swift had moved to LA from Nashville with her closest friend, Claire. On one lucky day, her manager calls her and informs about her tour with a boy band. This is so interesting isn't it? How her first time touring with a boy band could lead to a...

  • My Life as Taylor Swift's little sister. (Hey I'm Payton Swift!)
    573K 9.5K 35

    (Completed) Payton Swift is Taylor Swift's 17 year-old little sister. Payton follows Taylor around to most places and events, loving every moment she can get with her world famous sister. While she loves her sister, Payton always tries her best to have an identity separate from Taylor - although most of the time she i...

  • It was all a lie (Taylor swift fan fiction) [DISCONTINUED]
    93.2K 2.4K 30

    Chloe, a girl who for her whole life has lived in Australia with who she thought were her mum and dad. But why was it that she didn't resemble them at all? Why did she have a slight American accent? The only thing that would keep here happy was Taylor swift. Little did Chloe know that her idol was acually her sister...

  • Brokenhearted
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    "And you're tied together with a smile but you're coming undone.." Taylor Swift, past representative of America's sweetheart. The happy, go lucky girl with a down to earth personality and great attitude towards life. This all changed on a cold, rainy August day. One drive down a lonely road leads Taylor's life in a d...

  • Taylor Swift Facts
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  • Taylor Swift: Know You Better
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    What inspired Taylor to write each track on Red? While Taylor has shared so much with us, there are some things that only the Swift One knows. After writing Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition, our biography of Taylor, we couldn't resist imagining the stories behind the songs of Red. Though each story is inspired by t...

  • Taylor Swift Lyrics and Trivias
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    Song lyrics of Taylor Swift and trivias about her! This book contains Taylor Swift's song lyrics from: •Taylor Swift self-titled album-"Taylor Swift" (2006) •EP: "Sounds of the season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection" (2007) •album: "Fearless" (2008) •album: "Speak Now" (2010) •album: "Red" (2012) •album: "1989"...

  • Life of a Swiftie (Taylor Swift AU) SLOW UPDATES
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    "It's treacherous, it's fearless, it's the Life of a Swiftie." Taylor Swift AU and there's Taylor Lautner so... HUMOUR #685

  • Swift Notes: Red (A Guide to Taylor Swift's Songs)
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    A song-by-song analysis of Taylor Swift's RED album, excerpted from our just-released-in-stores Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition.