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  • Hold My Hand
    802K 35.1K 55

    A Potions accident gone wrong leaves Harry and Draco holding hands for a month. The two enemies are forced to share a room, sit at tables together, and share classes. Tensions rise, but will the two prevail? And can they become more than just enemies? Polish translation by @MissTranslation2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Eighth Year (Drarry Fanfic)
    535K 21.7K 42

    The survivors of the Second Wizarding War return to Hogwarts after a summer of rebuilding and healing. Harry had been offered a position for Auror Training, which he quickly declined in favor of one final year with his friends at Hogwarts. He hoped that the year would bring nothing but normalcy and quiet as he begins...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy Dramione
    232K 308 3

    Hermione Granger is into some weird and kinky stuff. Like calling her boyfriend daddy and loves BDSM. Draco Malfoy is Hermione's master and lover. I suck at summaries but I hope the book it better. Enjoy!!!

  • Adopted by CC
    24.6K 883 35

    When a girl, by chance, meets her favorite band Black Veil Brides, what will happen when they find out about her life? Read to find out!

  • Adopted by Oli Sykes?
    1.1K 46 7

    Your Alexis Hilton,14 and been in an orphanage ever since your parents were murdered four years ago. How will things change when one day Oli Sykes unexpectedly adopts you... swsgeek and gothicgirl1235 were my first readers so I won't forget about u :p

  • It cast preferences
    167K 3.4K 296

    Preferences of jack, Wyatt, finn, Sophia, and Jaeden

  • 5SOS Preferences
    175K 2.1K 204

    Most are from tumblr and some are mine

  • Harry Styles + Baby Styles = TROUBLE (Spanking fanfic)
    22K 226 12

    Live life and be free! There is nothing stoping me from being exactly who I want to be! Well except for my annoying older brother! Join Darcy Styles (Harry Styles' little sister) in her journey of Love, Loss and Luxury as she goes on tour with none ot...

  • Adopted by 5SOS/One Direction ✅***UNDER INTENSE EDITING***
    66K 1.7K 37

    When 15 year old twins Summer and Andy get chosen to be adopted. At first Summer doesn't like the idea but Andy reassures her everything will be okay. But what if it was the biggest Boy band in the world and 5SOS

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted.. by Louis Tomlinson?(Luke Hemmings fanfic)
    22.6K 485 30

    Description in first chapter. Click to read Warning Bad Language. Rated PG 13. Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Dacre Montgomery Imagines
    94.5K 1.2K 18

    Jus a little collection of imagines of my fave Dacre Montgomery, will include fluff, smut (cuzzzz why tf not?), and all that cute stuffy stuff. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • Billy Hargrove Imagines
    9.6K 146 5

    Taken from my tumblr:, this contains imagines of the Stranger Things character Billy Hargrove. I only write OC, not reader insert.

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Imagines
    7.5K 111 52

    This is for the 5sos Fam that are out there! Requests are open. Hope you like it!!!

  • Stranger Things Imagines II
    105K 1.7K 78

    hello! welcome to the second installment of my 'Stranger Things Imagines' where I get a clean slate and a fresh start :) also, no girl x girl, boy x boy, and smut will be allowed. enjoy. REQUESTS: OPEN highest ranking: #82 in 'max' out of 1000+ stories EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR YOU, SOME SCENES, AND SOME LOCATIONS BE...

  • Against All Odds - A Billy Hargrove Story
    71.2K 2K 11

    Olivia 'Liv' Wheeler, older sister of Nancy and Mike, gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself mixed up with the new guy in town.

  • Oneshots
    1.3K 50 7

    Different oneshots Ships named in each title

  • Mileven One Shots
    14.6K 253 25

    (On a little hiatus, I'll update whenever I get inspiration. Right now, all I need are requests and suggestions to help this book keep going.) Mileven Oneshots :3 (No smut) Requests are open!

  • somebody else. // reddie
    8.9K 359 7

    "But wh-what? Why can't you?" I asked, starting to panic. "You know why." he replied blankly. "I don't understand, what about me? What we've been through?" I questioned as I bit my lip. "I have somebody else." -- discontinued :(

  • COPYCAT ➢ rants & spam!
    464 96 26

    from rants, to memes, to finn wolfhard. where two girls will post about literally anything

  • Glee Shorts
    72.7K 1.6K 38

    A series of Glee drabbles and oneshots. Mostly Klaine and Kurtbastian, with a whole bunch of other ships thrown in there. Lots of fun times to be had.

  • Glee: Klaine with kids!!!
    3.8K 85 15

    Kurt and Blaine have 3 teenage kids, what happens when their youngest daughter suddenly gets pregnant. There oldest son Deven is secretly on drugs , and their middle child is to scared to come out to his parents. All will be figured out in this dramatic story of love and acceptance! Read to find out! Note: I do...

  • finn wolfhard imagines.
    76.8K 1.5K 34

    finn wolfhard imagines !!! please not i'm a shit writer, so please excuse any misspelled words, capitalization, and any cringe use of pet names :))

  • ~ Finn Wolfhard Preferences ~
    50K 1K 26

    COMMENT / MESSAGE REQUESTS :) basically my unrealistic hopes and dreams!!! obviously aged up if things get a lil FRISKY :/

  • Finn Wolfhard Imagines
    296K 5.5K 132

    Pretty self explanatory! :') [good luck, this book is very, very old!]

    Completed   Mature
  • 5sos Preferences
    20.5K 174 44

    5sos preferences and stuff:) All written by me, don't steal✌️

    Completed   Mature
  • 5SOS Preferences
    16.6M 169K 120

  • Millie Bobby Brown (cast) imagines
    137K 3.1K 117

    Millie imagines 🙃

  • Stranger Things Imagines
    81.9K 1.7K 11

    Imagines for the TV show Stranger Things Request through PM :) ❤= neutral 💓= fluff 💙= sad/angsty

  • Fillie ♡ one-shots [completed]
    139K 3.9K 47

    Just a bunch of random & adorable Fillie one shots! I'll make my own little stories, but feel free to comment suggestions/requests♡ (This book will NOT contain "dirty" chapters. IF it gets spicy, i'll change the age and make it appropriate) Highest ranking; #506 in Fanfiction Enjoy!♡

  • A Mileven Story - A New Era
    154 3 13

    After saving the world, twice, the group of heroes get an amazing surprise when Mike and Eleven are elected King and Queen of Indiana by the President. Can Mike and Eleven finally bring peace to Hawkins? And to all of Indiana? Disclaimer: Photos don't belong to me. Except I did edit the cover photo.