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  • Cupido, Lost Souls [Trafalgar D. Law X Reader]
    36.9K 1.7K 21

    Book 1: Cupido, Lost Souls Trafalgar D. Law X Demon!Reader Modern AU After living in Hell for so long, you decide to take a trip to the human realm.... There you meet a small child named Trafalgar D. Water Law.... Let's just say, everything gets shuffled around after you meet him..... To the point that even deep dark...

    Completed   Mature
  • The nine generals (Ja'far x reader)
    101K 3.5K 28

    On a cold night, someone breaks into the palace of Sindria and attempts to kill the King, Sinbad. The assassin is (Name). Before she could kill Sinbad, she is stopped by Ja'far. He looks at her with his Snake-like eyes, and a shiver rolls down (Name)'s spine. She was obliged to kill the king of Sindria, to set free he...

  • Kouha Ren X OC ~ Harden Jewel
    2.9K 105 4

    A fierce and beautiful general with a couple of lose screws in the head of Hadinia's army is too be executed by the Kou Empire with the rest of the royal family, but instead prince Kouha Ren sees her skill in combat and amazing tactics and says it would be waste if she died, and due to her country's traditions she is...

  • Hidden Princess ❦ Judar
    42.7K 1.7K 15

    Kou's hidden princess. With powers that incite death and a loneliness that consumes her. Who can set her free?

  • Star-crossed lovers (Law x Reader)
    34.6K 1K 23

    As an ordinary doctor in the Grand Line. One day your island was attacked by pirates. The Heart pirates happened to be around where you stayed and saved your life. Everyone was friendly to you, except the Captain. Will he kill you out of hatred ? Or will hatred turn into love ? "That expression...No fair... I won't be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not A Vacation- Eustass Kid x Reader
    8K 626 7

    A peculiar letter has come in the mail offering you and someone else a chance to go on vacation to a planet away from Earth. But what's up with this list they gave you? And just who is your partner?

  • For Art (Trafalgar Law x Reader)
    65.7K 2.4K 31

    Art + nude paintings + hot crush + teasing = lots of troubles for (Y/N)! Highest rankings: 1# in TrafalgarLawxReader 30# in OnePiece | (30/1.8k) 2# in LawxReader 1# in HeartPirates 9# in TrafalgarLaw 1# Bepo 29# in Art

    Completed   Mature